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The Blast Furnace
A Slaughtermap for those who have a grave love for very hardcore maps like sunder or such...Date:05/06/18
Size:450.11 KB
Author:Ahmed Mohammed Ali Alkhateeb Altaher

DMXGUS Gonna Give it to Ya
This WAD contains a replacement DMXGUS lump which you should probably load if you're building a retro PC with a Gravis Ultrasound card (or if you're emulating one). It does two things: firstly, it has a workaround for the GUS instrument mappings bu...Date:05/06/18
Size:5.11 KB

Crimson Wood
Medium/large non-linear map, quite hard (not too much for veterans), designed in 2 months + various days/weeks of post release tweaking...Date:05/05/18
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Yugiboy85 (previously known as "the_trigger")

Bluish Awakening
Size:81 KB
Author:Maxime "Datacore" Bisiaux

Umbra of Fate
A man is on vacation and is out enjoying a day of hunting while his wife and infant son are at home. After a long and boring day, he starts walking back to his car, only to discover a ravine that wasn't there before. Feeling an unusually strong urge ...Date:05/02/18
Size:39.24 MB
Author:Alexa "YukiRaven" Jones-Gonzales

This is a single map set on a UFO. Works only in Eternity 4.00.00 or higher....Date:05/02/18
Size:4.4 MB

Atonement Episode 1 MARS + Episode 2 EARTH
All maps were created by The Mysterious Moustachio a.k.a. Matthew D. a.k.a. Matt534Dog a.k.a. Matt534Doom (on ZDaemon) a.k.a. MDC a.k.a. myself. My goal in creating this wad was to develop and sharpen my senses as a level designer and Doom wad author...Date:05/02/18
Size:2.44 MB
Author:The Mysterious Moustachio (a.k.a. Matt534Dog, Matt534Doom, MDC, or Matthew D.)

Circle of Caina SP
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:1.8 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

This is a large city map. It is based on the TV show Dexter. It is action packed and a lot of fun to play...Date:05/01/18
Size:788.72 KB
Author:Hans George Campbell

I originally created this map for Duke Nukem 3D deathmatch. The map was extremely popular. I spent thousands of hours playing it on KALI. Now, I have redrawn it for Doom II deathmatch....Date:05/01/18
Size:32.95 KB
Author:Hans George Campbell

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