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Solid Snake
Solid Snake now available as a player skin for Doom....Date:11/15/17
Size:116.13 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

World Orifice
Inspired by Nostril Caverns. It plays a lot differently, but hopefully the inspiration comes through. 20K monsters. Expect that a casual playthrough will take a few hours of in-game time, and probably a lot more real time. Easy and Medium difficultie...Date:11/12/17
Size:868.53 KB

Recurring Nightmare
A speedmap I made for a speedmapping project, which I subsequently decided to instead release stand-alone. Original version of the map was made in a little under 4 hours, and the final version took an extra 2-3 hours of additional polishing, gameplay...Date:11/12/17
Size:71.03 KB
Author:James Collins

Cave Complex
Large gothic/hell theme cave style map with multiple paths and branching areas. Screenshots -
Size:7.63 MB
Author:Yummy Pie

Pigeon Speedmapping Session 2 -- Too Many Birds
The wad has been updated as of November 15th 2017. The goal of this speedmapping session was to create maps within a 3 hour time limit. Overall, we ended up with 14 maps, made using the following themes: 1) Maximum of 6 textures and 6 flats; 2) M...Date:11/10/17
Size:4.01 MB
Author:A2Rob, antares031, Breezeep, bzzrak, dl_simc, Myst.Haruko, NeedHealth, NoisyVelvet, Spie812, The 300

This wad file contains my very first GZdoom builder level for DOOM 2...Date:11/09/17
Size:47.54 KB

Eagle Speedmapping Session 7 - All Alone in the Flame of Doubt
The seventh Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Eight maps were fully completed, and the themes were: - Possessed mansion - No light levels brighter than 160 - Spectres and Lost Souls should be ab...Date:11/07/17
Size:898 KB
Author:DoomLover234 / NaZa (project lead) bzzrak dl_simc NeedHealth Philnemba Pinchy Spie812 therektafire

Break out of an underground prison and fight to the surface in this 8 level map set for Ultimate Doom...Date:11/07/17
Size:446.61 KB
Author:Em Evyrling

Dark Encounters
"I knew they would come back some day...The leaders and generals of the world were content with their victory...heh. Never been much for parades, so I slipped back into my role as a good-ole space marine. I argued for a time about the po...Date:11/03/17
Size:77.55 MB
Author:Paul Dechene

14-map hub set in the Black Mesa military-industrial facility within the Half-Life universe. Following the escape of your character, Rolf Bellmer, after uploading a computer virus into the Black Mesa databanks, you seem to emerge victorious. Unfortun...Date:11/03/17
Size:63.24 MB
Author:The Persecution Complex: DB Thanatos: Weapons, enemies Travis 'solarsnowfall' Miller: Special effect

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