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Da Will
A first wad from B0S (Best Of Survivors) clan. The B0S clan has sent you on the task to find out what happened to "Object 33", with which the contact has been lost. It is located in remote district of the Central America so be prepared for a tough wa...Date:02/22/09
Size:2.28 MB
Author:ABM-87 (Detonator)[B0S], Azamael[B0S], Dragon Hunter[B0S], Dr. Max[B0S], Falcor[B0S], Lainos[B0S], P

Whisper In Time
One simple "strange" map....Date:01/23/11
Size:2.08 MB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

Fantasy Of Shadowman Episode (FOSE)
These six cards created from drawings Shadowman on the day of his birth. Initially I tried to convey as accurately as possible the balance with the drawings, but later decided to change for the sake of gameplay. The beginning of the story is simple: ...Date:01/28/11
Size:371.36 KB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

[B0S] clan's second wad. Just as in first wad (Da Will), main hero - [B0S] clan's fighter. Story so far: You woke up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare, and you see, that a message from [B0S] clan has appeared on your computer screen with an or...Date:06/05/11
Size:21.5 MB
Author:Lainos [B0S], Azamael[B0S], Archi [B0S], Dragon Hunter[B0S], Dr. Max [B0S], Slavius [B0S], Wraith[B0

Doxylamine Moon: Overdose
TURN OFF "try to evulate IT"! The map is in fact a reinterpretation and continuation of my map from Sacrament wad. Major differences: - The map became "playable", e.g. there are many monsters in it (this was the main goal of remaking the original)....Date:12/06/11
Size:5.02 MB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

Object "34": Sonar
This map is a last from trilogy called "Objects" (Object ''32'', Object "33"). This time, main character (marine, main hero) was sent to underwater station, where the main communication is conn....Date:12/31/11
Size:6.05 MB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

Third WAD by [B0S] clan. Now it's 32 levels. Plot: "It all happened because of that strange portal in the cargo compartment of this falling plane. After we loaded the object we had found under kilometers of ice in the cargo hold, the commander appoin...Date:05/06/12
Size:11.63 MB
Author:[B0S] Clan

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