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January Ninth
A map I made for fun....Date:01/09/10
Size:195.55 KB
Author:Jon 40oz Vail

UAC Ultra Textures (v1.1)
The texture set to go with my Doom 2 episode entitled UAC Ultra (uacultra.wad) v1.1 works with Eternity. Thanks esselfortium!...Date:03/28/10
Size:459.42 KB

UAC Ultra (v1.2)
You're a Space marine... Disease. An incurable though tangible threat. The demons prowl among the scorched barrens of Mars. Fleets of cacodemons infest every region. Spectres and imps swarming from every crevice. Deep down under Mars' subterra lies...Date:03/30/10
Size:2.2 MB
Author:40oz & Super Jamie

The Support Relay
Size:236.3 KB
Author:Jon " 40oz " Vail

Happy Birthday Mr. Chris
Happy birthday Mr Chris...Date:05/02/10
Size:29.27 KB
Author:Jon 40oz Vail

Quadruple Threat
A speedmap started on a whim and continued amongst friends. Hub and exit by "Super" Jamie Bainbridge, southern section by Eric "The Green Herring" Baker, eastern section by Jon "40oz" Vail, northern section by Joonas "Jodwin" Äijälä. Combined into...Date:05/16/10
Size:78.06 KB
Author:The Green Herring, 40oz, Jodwin, Super Jamie

Face Palm
Arguably the greatest arrangement of sectors and vertices ever to grace the /idgames archive....Date:05/22/10
Size:9.47 KB

Happy Birthday InsanityBringer
Another birthday, another map....Date:06/08/10
Size:64.35 KB

Happy Birthday Mike Reiner
happpy birthday bromontana...Date:06/10/10
Size:84.47 KB

Happy Birthday Zap610
zappy birfdaay...Date:06/10/10
Size:75.56 KB

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