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The Hells Grammar School Project
*Story* You tried completing Doom II, but you failed miserably, so the marine corps sent you to a mysterious place called: The Hells Grammar School. It is a place where doomers become legends. Complete this game and you are officially a true doomer. ...Date:08/29/08
Size:8.77 MB
Author:Joshy "ghost" Sealy

Imperfection Has Its Charms
Since I am waiting on a few people before the Speed of Doom megawad project can be continued any further, I've decided to spend my time dusting off my old maps. The mapset used to be for zdoom, now it is playable on any limit-removing port with the P...Date:09/30/09
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Josh 'Joshy' Sealy

Speed of Doom
33 challenging maps of a megawad....Date:03/28/10
Size:8.83 MB
Author:Joshy and Darkwave0000

This project was originally intended to be a megawad with 32 scythe-like maps (basically shorter and sweeter than Speed of Doom was, and less emphasis on the looks, and more on the flow of the maps). Due to commitments with university and other reaso...Date:02/21/12
Size:3.3 MB
Author:Josh "Joshy" Sealy

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