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Carnival Of Hell.
Ultra violence. If it is too hard, go down to Hurt Me Plenty. There is lot's of deadly traps, so I suggest you save a lot. There is not a lot of ammo and there is a bit of health. There is a lot of marble and blood and lava in this wad, as I want it ...Date:03/11/04
Size:149.11 KB
Author:Thomas Lutrov. (Lutrov71)

Thematic Elements
You're in a room with 3 teleporters That bring you to places with different themes. This wad is quite hard but most Doomers should be able to complete it....Date:10/11/04
Size:319.92 KB
Author:Lutrov71, Jimi

No Brakes
A large and difficult map influenced by Plutonia....Date:02/04/05
Size:299.8 KB
Author:Lutrov71, Cyber-Menace

Why Did it Have to be Snakes?
An entry for the Doom Republic Editing Contest. The theme is a dungeon and the amount of time given is a week, but I slacked off a bit and made it in about 4 days, so don't expect anything great. The map is 'supposed' to be a dungeon set in Hell but ...Date:04/09/05
Size:131.47 KB

Radial Ascension
Fairly simple map set in a cave/cavern themed place. Oh, and it's set inside the 1024 radius area. (heh)...Date:01/21/06
Size:97.64 KB

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