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Doom 3 Player Sounds
This replaces the player sounds to their Doom 3 equivalent as well as the spark sound and the keyed door use attempt sound. There are two files, d3guy is the version what the sounds were set as and d3guy2 is one that puts sounds from the next/previ...Date:05/06/16
Size:548.06 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Enhanced Skill Levels
This adjusts skill levels accordingly as well as adding intermediate skills between Ultra Violence and beyond Nightmare for those who feel the skills don't provide enough challenge. The inspiration for some of the skill names came from Complex Doom...Date:07/28/15
Size:2.18 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Extended Hell
Extended Hell is a more extended version of Hell's Ambiance, which the songs used are longer and likely makes the tension factor go up. This features music by Jaxxoon R (Dark Ambient Pack on /idgames/), Kevin MacLeod and Purple Planet's royalty fre...Date:04/24/15
Size:300.25 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

Hell's Ambiance
Hell's Ambiance is a compilation of unnerving ambient tracks to give Doom that extra spooky atmosphere if you are tired of the PSX Doom or Doom 64 track set. It features 18 tracks from Kevin MacLeod's royalty free set while the rest is supplemented...Date:03/27/15
Size:96.12 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

Project Final Doomed
This is a modified set of Jay Reichard (AKA SilentZorah)'s Final Doom set of songs that are changed so they are closer to the original compositions. prjfdoom.wad is for Evilution and prjpdoom.wad is for Plutonia....Date:01/26/15
Size:99.48 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Random Deaths & Decoration v1.5 Final
This is a gameplay mod that provides enhancement to vanilla monsters but maintains balance to the original gaming experience. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences, dead things and gore are randomized and a couple other surprises. Smo...Date:01/20/15
Size:12.59 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

Project Doomed
This is a modification of Jay Reichard's "Project Doom" but contains alterations to not only "originalize" the songs mainly but a decreased tempo. Works nicely for those large or long level sets. pjddedit.wad contains slightly different versions of...Date:01/18/15
Size:89.68 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Santo's House
This is just something that came up in our minds, my friend wanted more mapping help and he began doing extremely rough work on something resembling his house, so I ended up doing my own version not much later for deathmatch purposes. Santohs2 is j...Date:12/13/14
Size:215.66 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Random Deaths & Decoration v1.2
After getting burnt out on Brutal Doom, I still wanted vanilla gameplay but I liked having alternate deaths for the monsters (and other things) so I put together this for my entertainment and yours. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences...Date:12/11/14
Size:10 MB
Author:Mr. Chris

The Ultimate Doom Metal Replacement Vol. 3 & 4
So you like Doom and metal, right? You have come to the right place because what is to be heard is some super heavy, pulse pounding metal replacements for both Doom and Doom 2. There is black, death, doom, thrash, stoner, folk, heavy and a tinge of...Date:10/09/14
Size:487.92 KB
Author:Mr. Chris/Glaice

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