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Trick Or Treat?
This was supposed to be part of a sort of compilation WAD called Trilogy, which was conceived after I finished my third level for vanilla Doom made from the scratch. Then I wanted to rework those three levels on ZDoom, while also taking advantage of ...Date:02/02/16
Size:1.47 MB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Killing Time Docks Boat And Crates
I once took it upon myself to do a remake in Doom of the first level of the PC version of Killing Time as a challenge. Even though I did a good chunk of it I could never finish it, but I thought I made quite a faithful recreation of the big boat seen...Date:08/10/19
Size:322.16 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Blaze (Reedition #1)
This is a modified version of the first level I made for Doom II (blaze.wad). After I released the original version of this map I practiced a bit more with the editor and decided to do an updated version of it, which I published nine days later on ...Date:11/14/21
Size:142.24 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

This is the very first level I made for Doom II, when I was fifteen years old. Prior to making this level I had been fiddling with Doom Builder for almost two years, trying to get a hang of the editor and making experiments on it that luckily never...Date:11/20/21
Size:57.91 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

A Marine's Dream
This was my second level for Doom made from scratch. Unlike the first however, this one is specifically for The Ultimate Doom, because I wanted to do a lab-themed map and I didn't have the knowledge of how to edit a WAD to include more Doom 1 texture...Date:06/29/22
Size:801.93 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Trick Or Treat?
This map caused some sort of controversy back when I released it on the now defunct WADs in Progress site. What happened was that an user there left a comment saying that he thought this level deserved a Cacoward, and then another user responded to h...Date:06/29/22
Size:369.38 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Bloody Sunday
At the time I didn't know it, or else it would have been a little bit disheartening. This is my fourth Doom level made from scratch conceptually, and even though I had been doing pretty well making maps and getting more creative with each release, th...Date:07/04/22
Size:280.46 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Blaze (Reedition #2)
After doing a couple of levels for vanilla, I wanted to give it a crack at making one for a more advanced engine. At the same time, I wasn't feeling inspired to try and create a new map design so I remade my first level, Blaze, from the scratch on ZD...Date:07/04/22
Size:201.39 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Weird West
This map was originally part of the "Bonus Levels" episode of my Blood-inspired mod, Blood: Dead on Arrival. It was one of only two levels that I made from scratch specifically for that TC during 2018. This map is heavily based on the Wild West er...Date:01/22/23
Size:9.73 MB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

Overlook City
This map was meant to be part of my old Blood-inspired mod. I started developing it during 2018, but I couldn't complete it due to some complicated personal circumstances. My previous map was based on the Wild West era level of Duke Nukem: Time to...Date:02/01/23
Size:11.32 MB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

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