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Four Maps
My first four maps I put together over two weeks or so. The main intent was to have some fun, though not very challenging, gameplay. School's started back up, and I WAS going to do a major revamp of this, but don't have the time right now and would...Date:09/29/09
Size:246.35 KB
Author:Brian Knox aka "Snakes"

Into Hell
Into Hell is intended to be an episode of levels that take you deeper and deeper underground, until you find a crack in the Earth and dive into the realm itself. BUT... this was originally going to be a 11 maps. Then my comp. got a virus and I didn't...Date:01/13/10
Size:700.17 KB
Author:Brian Knox aka "Snakes"

Midnight Tek Frenzy
Fast-paced, challenging map in a nighttime tek setting. All 6 keys are present and can be aquired in any order. It's a bit rushed, so there's some sloppy visuals, but nothing too serious. Originally intended to be released with Community Chest 4....Date:03/22/12
Size:3.45 MB
Author:Brian Knox

Unholy Realms
32 new limit-removing maps created by one author (and 5 guest mappers). Gameplay-oriented. See urinfo.txt for more info....Date:12/15/13
Size:8.86 MB
Author:Brian Knox

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