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Doom 2 crashed
The little map that will take you two minutes of time...Date:01/22/12
Size:110.09 KB

Beta Labs
9 Alpha inprished levels for Ultimate Doom....Date:04/12/15
Size:1.01 MB
Author:Serious_MOod, Chaingunner

Dark hellish map for doom2...Date:06/05/16
Size:269.22 KB

Undeath '94
Remake of Doom, based on 1994 deathmatch levels. (see end of this file for story)...Date:01/08/17
Size:756.52 KB
Author:C30N9, ChaingunnerX, hex11, Jaws in Space, joe-ilya, Memfis/kuchitsu, TheNebulousThinker, walter con

Beta Labs 2
6 alpha inspired levels for Ultimate Doom....Date:08/17/17
Size:1.73 MB
Author:Serious_MOod, Chaingunner, Brain

The Shores of Russia
Three authors, three limit removing maps. Welcome to the shores of Russia. e2m1 - Chaingunner e2m2 - joe-ilya e2m3 - Memfis...Date:11/02/17
Size:338.9 KB
Author:Chaingunner, Joe-Ilya, Memfis

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