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Das Labor
It is a big area with many rooms, doors and teleporters. The graphical details are very great! There are lights and connection to many rooms, so it doesn't look clumsy! The monsters and weapons are also placed in a very optimal way. This causes high ...Date:09/20/06
Size:249.96 KB
Author:Hannes Müller

Run And Shoot
This is an action level....Date:10/23/06
Size:134.71 KB
Author:Hannes Müller

Rivers Of Death
At the beginning you fight some IMPs with a shotgun, then after a while you will come to a big area with many enemies. There you get the plasma gun to shoot the enemies back to hell again! Enjoy!...Date:09/20/08
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Hannes Müller (Deeforce)

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