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Death Tormention II
The fantasic sequel to Death Tormention I with 8 supremley evil levels designed from scratch just for The Ultimate Doom. The levels are much harder than Death Tormention I. There are lots of traps throughout, etc. The style is just like id's E4, medi...Date:11/21/99
Size:726.84 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis, kristian Aro, Chris Harbin

Painfully Yours
This is a Deathmatch level. It has 10 starts, so playing with 10 players with good computers should be possible. Use any engine you want to use to play this except doom2.exe....Date:06/24/00
Size:106.76 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

A 4 episode megawad for the Ultimate Doom containing 4 all new challenging episodes for you to test you're skill on, great architecture and lots of hard work, put into every level. A recomended download....Date:08/30/02
Size:4.07 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (leader), Chris Hansen, Kristian Aro VIRGIL (the Doom Poet), Sam "Metabolist" Woodman

The Brotherhood of Ruin
Size:3.79 MB
Author:Kristian Aro

Hollow Minds
Size:521.85 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

32 Hours in Pain
This is the second episode of the " 20 Days in Hell " trilogy. Send me feedback, please. Requires TNT Evilution....Date:06/01/05
Size:1.5 MB
Author:Kristian Aro

20 Days in Hell
Size:657.82 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

1 Day of Hellish Revenge
Size:279.29 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

Death Tormention 3, complete Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom. If you thought the original Death Tormention episodes were hard, well think again!. DT3 takes Ultimate Dooming to an all new level when it comes to challenge, architecture and game...Date:12/13/05
Size:2.81 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis, Kristian Aro,

The Bunker
You and your buddies are sent to this secret under- ground bunker to kill the demons who have taken control of the base. Your mission is to kill everything in sight and get out alive....Date:06/02/06
Size:40.83 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

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