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War with the Imps
These levels are a battle between humans and imps. They have scripts, so Zdoom is required. The levels have a storyline in them and also in intermission texts. Also levels 2-4 were at first designed completely different, so there are some pointless s...Date:11/16/03
Size:78.83 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo aka Mephisto00

The Huntdown
My second entry for doomworld, this time i have not used so many effects, but far better gameplay and a little challenge too. Some scripting is used, so ZDoom is required....Date:11/29/03
Size:57.37 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo (Mephisto00)

The Citadel of Fear
This time I made a single, but large and very detalied level. Challenge is good and ammo is very balanced, so if you waste too much, then you'll be punching monsters. There are some traps, too. ZDoom is required, becasue of some ZDoom effects....Date:12/01/03
Size:76.96 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo (Mephisto00)

Hell Assault
We decided to make some levels, and then put them together. These levels are small/medium size levels that are easy at the beggining and a lot of challenge at the end. We tried to make them well-detailed, and we succeded in most part. Some levels use...Date:12/22/03
Size:779.08 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo (mephisto) Mikk Tivas (ryrayer)

Skulltag Forums Adventures!
Your mission is to take over the Skulltag Forums!...Date:02/29/04
Size:43.59 KB

Black Void CTF
This is a CTF level on void platforms just like those Quake 3 levels. I've split it up into parts connected via teleporters, to reduce possible slowdown on the far areas on the map. All teleports are marked with particle fountains. To keep the gamepl...Date:06/07/04
Size:294.85 KB

Mystical Paths
This 15-map set takes you though various places during a demon invasion, with a storyline carried over via intermission texts. The wad is split up into three chapters. ZDoom/Skulltag effects are used, also a lot of Skulltag textures and and monsters....Date:08/18/04
Size:652.22 KB

Black Void CTF 2
Since the old one sucked, I made a new one. No teleporters this time, but note that the jump pads only spring you up, so learn to use them correctly. The map might slow down on older machines....Date:09/22/04
Size:432.75 KB

Ossuary 2 - Plains Of Hell
The sequel to Ossuary (duh), this level is basically one big room, one big battle. The megasphere is all the health on the map so play carefully and let the monsters kill each other. At least some strategy is required. The game might slow down if you...Date:09/22/04
Size:114 KB

This is a Skulltag single-player map, in a brick castle. Not too big, but with plenty of monsters, and a few traps....Date:09/22/04
Size:63.51 KB

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