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Taradino Cassatt
Taradino Cassatt, one of five playable characters from Rise of the Triad.**Now with custom color support**...Date:01/03/04
Size:88.44 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

High Guard
The High Guard from Rise of The Triad, one of my favorite enemies in the game mainly because of his funny sounds/sprites....Date:01/05/04
Size:76.53 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

Low Guard
The Low Guard from Rise of The Triad....Date:03/17/04
Size:78.26 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

Doom64 Guy
The Doom marine from Doom64....Date:05/02/04
Size:96.91 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

Phobos from Quake 3....Date:10/25/04
Size:125.1 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

A Cultist from Blood....Date:11/17/04
Size:101.99 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

A last man standing map inspired by Daggerfall....Date:04/22/06
Size:276.09 KB

Jon skin
A converted skin of Jon, the main character from the game "Power Slave"/"Exhumed". Also comes with a bot file....Date:05/08/06
Size:135.74 KB

HUNT skin pack
A pack of skins for ZDoom & Skulltag featuring the five members of Rise of the Triad's HUNT team. Also includes bots for both ZDoom and Skulltag.(see bottom notes)...Date:06/27/06
Size:381.43 KB

Dynamite Deathmatch 1.1
A pack of 11 Deathmatch maps of varying themes. They're pretty much maps that I've accumulated over the past year, so the quality isn't as consistant as I'd like it to be; but I suppose it doesn't really matter. I just hope you guys can have fun with...Date:08/16/06
Size:2.89 MB

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