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Eidolon's Lair
Eidolon's lair from Hexen II converted to Heretic...Date:07/29/02
Size:18.01 KB
Author:Alexis Aiello (aka Vegeta)

Icon of Sin Patch
A new version of the Icon of Sin. I get bored of face that wall at the end of almost any megawad. Now, while it's still a static monster, it looks and plays diferent (it isn't a wall anymore), but retains the clasic DOOM feel. I designed this patch f...Date:06/22/04
Size:19.91 KB
Author:Alexis Aiello (known as Vegeta in Doomworld)

DOOM: A Megawad in Two Weeks
The idea behind this was to create a classic DOOM Megawad in two weeks. You can follow the development of the project at this thread in the forums As calling the project DOO...Date:04/02/07
Size:2.29 MB
Author:Various, in no particular order: Bloodskull, Torn Vegeta, Farhaven, Lupinx-Kassman, Cadman, Icarus,

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