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Defragmentation factor
My second freakmap expirience, another "just a large single map with mixed design")). Contains textures from first Doom and two new monsters, created with dehacked - Plasma Gunner and Double Gunner...Date:06/27/07
Size:449.77 KB

Wonderful Doom, v.1.2
I just wanted all doomers to play First Doom one more time. All maps are similar in design and difficulty to their originals, but they are build from scratch. Please, don`t acept it is a plagiarism, it`s just an alternative to such things like Mood, ...Date:04/13/09
Size:1.62 MB

Alpha Accident: Terra Nova
I always wanted to make something classic but with a new content. This wad has not only new maps, textures and music but also new things. Also there are new monsters (boss included), and a new (barely) map hazard - voltage... Maps in this episode are...Date:08/25/16
Size:2.99 MB

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