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My first wad. Uses ZDOOM, but created on Boom. Artifact is able to destroy all the demons, but that it needs to be found. But first must undergo training and then begin the search for weapons of mass destruction....Date:07/05/09
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After Deepsea I started to use Doom Builder and size of the levels now could do more....Date:07/05/09
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Level Up
One of my first wads. Uses ZDOOM. The scene at the base, located on the Earth. As a result, experience has opened the portal from Mars to Earth and monsters fled a wave on the back of the portal......Date:07/05/09
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One of my first wads. Uses ZDOOM. The last base on Mars, is not excepted from the demons. Somewhere there is a creature that guarded by three above demons. Tuda sent the best fighter, he can destroy the hell!...Date:07/05/09
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