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Redemption I
The first of the Redemption series. This wad was oringally supposed to be released sometime in April, but never was, due to a lack of story, but now there is one....Date:01/19/06
Size:1.94 MB
Author:Flesh699, Impboy, Tango

E1M1: Reloaded
It's Up To You Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the planet on your own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving you with only a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle or...Date:01/17/09
Size:384.24 KB

The Slipgate Experiment
The UAC is up to no good again, except this time on earth. You must fight threw Area 420, and find the secret location of the slipgate....Date:06/27/09
Size:342.66 KB

Hell On Mars
You might have to try to launch it a few times to get it to work, for some reason there is a error...Date:09/26/10
Size:11.57 MB
Author:Sean Wheeler AKA Flesh420

Thy Wicked
You are in hell-So shoot shit! Tried keep a bit classic....Date:10/20/10
Size:141.54 KB

Simplistic Evil
Size:6.72 MB

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