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rapping lyrics for doom part 3
rapping sounds for doom and doom 2 songs taken from eazy-e and nwa, and the pharcyde...Date:02/09/96
Size:444.66 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

FETALDM3: Fetals' DeathMatchs 3 v.2.0
This is an update of FetalDM3, it now has better DM playablity than before! These are 4 Arena Style Deathmatchs, all with great layouts, and play. Those of you that have played this before, or haven't... you better download this one too! All weapons ...Date:02/29/96
Size:342.84 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka
Size:403.48 KB

A nice level 1 replacement with plenty of areas to fight. Nice for lurkers too. No HOM`s, or glitches anywhere. This is a dedicated deathmatch WAD only....Date:03/13/96
Size:54.2 KB
Author:Dave Clark (FLASHLIGHT)

QUAD.WAD (possibly final)
Similar to level 7 in size and purpose, but architecturally more complex. Gameplay should be more chaotic too. :)...Date:03/17/96
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Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. ArgenT

CHILL contains four unique and original maps that aim to deliver classic 1-on-1 gameplay with emphasis on item and weapon control and brisk, intricate flow. NOTE: ZDoom is required because CHILL uses the MAPINFO lump. The maps themselves use no ZD...Date:06/11/09
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GeNiUs02 -- YoU WiLL BeLieVe
GeNiUs02 -- YoU WiLL BeLieVe is the #2 in a run-down park....Date:04/11/96
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Author:The EViL GeNiUs (Jimmy Sieben)

The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 Edition Demo
A small demo with 4 maps as a teaser for the coming soon TLSDM2K3.WAD to a doomworld near you......Date:03/11/03
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Gothy, Jackass, Avatar, and Chrono

This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY WAD!! It is a sewer with many twists and turns. There aint no rocket launcher or BFG cuz they aren't fair weapons in such a small level. (They rock in the big ones!)...Date:12/15/95
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