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Supposed to be a part of community project which has been abandoned. Imagination of Plutonia MAP03 "Aztec", no copy-paste, but same shapes and techniques (MAP03 is one of my favourites). I hope there are less nasty traps and switchhunting like in Ura...Date:04/23/17
Size:257.56 KB

Doomworld Mega Project 2016
A megawad with 50 maps....Date:04/13/17
Size:16.02 MB

You need Plutonia IWAD for this. Plot: Urania - a planet that suddenly appeared in the solar system. Many years ago there lived advanced civilizations, and now it is teeming with monsters. You were sent to Urania as part of the international battalio...Date:08/02/16
Size:3.74 MB

Meatballs 2: Night Mission
The second set of maps from the Meatballs "series"...Date:01/20/15
Size:331.37 KB

What do you expect from this map? It's typical plutonia map with crude name, mixed layout, chaingunner/revenant spam, walls in thickets, instant traps, e.t.c ......Date:09/12/14
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There are hostile activity on Deimos swamp. Explore buildings middle of the large swamp. Dangerous castle ahead!...Date:07/05/14
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Forgotten Estate
This mansion-style map uses tag 666 so it occupies MAP07 slot. Many wood/panel textures is used. You are started in a small shed surrounded by zombiemen. Clean out the place and go forward to exit....Date:06/15/14
Size:141.44 KB

Bloodfall Fortress
Doomguy gonna infiltrate in this unconquerable fortress and eliminate the threat. Kinda linear level at the beginning, automap is sometimes will be useful. This is my first finished map released to public....Date:05/27/14
Size:279.92 KB

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