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This is my first and level and its crude, but don't expect to make it threw the first time around. I suggest skill level one if you don't have at least a dx2-66. with 8 meg. I did not know that the more things in a sector the more it slows down....Date:03/03/06
Size:60.84 KB
Author:Vance Januszewski

0000h, my first level!
this is my very first level for DOOM!...Date:05/17/23
Size:4.36 KB
Author:Andrea Rovenski

I thought TOJ_15B was rum until I played this. My first original level, and it is something of a stinker. But it barely lasts two minutes, so you don't have to suffer too much. It's quite hard, tho...Date:07/22/01
Size:3.89 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman (I deny it!)

Fava Beans
Well, this is a very impressive episode including 9 _excellent_ levels. All the levels in this episode were created by myself, excluding e1m5, which was designed by a friend. We feel that any DOOM fanatic will enjoy this episode and will be comp...Date:08/29/95
Size:381.07 KB
Author:Sean Birkel

Shit for DOOM
Size:20.75 KB
Author:Sean Birkel

WHAT?! (as in the sound when something isn't right)
I consider this to be one HELL of a level. Meaning you can play this for a long time and not win. However it makes a great deathmatch. I made the hard skill levels (4 & 5) look a little more hellish, because the easy skill levels are a cakewalk. I fi...Date:08/19/95
Size:23.25 KB
Author:George McGlauflin II

10 Years of Doom
Size:244.61 KB
Author:Darren Finch A.K.A: Doom_Dude
Yet another Doom Level....Date:04/19/94
Size:30.4 KB
Author:Damon Brodie

Fort Knocks PWAD
A fort with demons to fight against....Date:04/13/07
Size:70.09 KB
Author:Guy Stockie

"The United Allied Cooperative (UAC) has developed a new secret weapon, the BFG9000. Your assignment is to break into their headquarters and get it. We will place you at the entrance. Just go in, get it and come back out (getting the BFG will lower a...Date:06/27/94
Size:74.57 KB
Author:Eric Severn
Hi, This level was made entirly from scratch with Deu50. It designed to be a deathmatch level. It is possible to get every weapon, and plays well with both monsters, and -nomonsters. The exit also requires cooperation from at least two people. I...Date:04/19/94
Size:39.38 KB
Author:Josh a.k.a. Phallus

Burg Nideck v1.1
"Burg Nideck ist im Elsaá der Sage wohlbekannt, die Höhe, wo vorzeiten die Burg der Riesen stand; sie selbst ist nun verfallen, die Stätte wst und leer, und fragst Du nach den Riesen, du findest sie nicht mehr." -- Das Riesenspielzeug, Adelbert von ...Date:08/05/94
Size:60.96 KB
Author:Klaus Breuer

"An enemy spaceship has approached our planet and is now in a low orbit. We beamed a squad of soldiers aboard in the hopes that they could somehow subtly sabotage and destroy it, but we've lost contact with them. In their last transmission, they indi...Date:06/27/94
Size:51.92 KB
Author:Eric Severn

LOSTTOMB (The Discovery) v. 1.2
Once again using my patented secret doom-building recipez from hEll......Date:05/06/13
Size:903.34 KB
Author:Barry L. Levitz aka Sinbad

A journey to the past during the Spanish Inquisition. Read file: 1500AD.DOC...Date:12/27/01
Size:48.74 KB
Author:Jaime Landauer

The usual.....blah..blah..blah...Date:06/02/96
Size:12.51 KB
Author:Dave Green

Descent into the Depths of Chaos #1
This is an outside Pwad, and is intended as the opening level to our remake of the "Shores of Hell" episode. Having survived "Knee Deep in the Dead" You find yourself in a strange, maze-like structure that is open to the sky. You Know that you have...Date:11/16/12
Size:66.63 KB
Author:The Chaos Brothers David Montgomery & Jim Milner

After fighting your way through the final end boss of INFERNO, you return to the plannet Earth after a mission well done. You, B.J. BLAZKOWICZ, were part of a big N.Y.C. ticker tape parade to celebrate the end of hell's reign of terror! You then g...Date:07/16/94
Size:24.79 KB
Author:George Fiffy

THIS IS THE BEST AND TOUGHEST LEVEL YOU'LL PROBABLY EVER PLAY! It's hard to make your way through the front door! THAT is how hard it is! If you make it through this "30 minute" stage (refering how long it takes to play the ENTIRE level, secrets ...Date:07/23/94
Size:44.25 KB
Author:George Fiffy

REoL TOUGH: The Under Arms 5-star hotel
So, you have won the great TOTAL WAR II battle (FIFFYWAR.ZIP on AOL, 1FIFWAR.ZIP elsewhere), and the day is done. It's getting dark outside, and as you reach the SHORES OF HELL, you decide to check into hell's finest hotel, the Under Arms. (G...Date:08/11/94
Size:41.44 KB
Author:George Fiffy

It's the year 2094, and after all of hell's daemons that returned to the Mt. McKinley Base (FIFFY.WAD: REoL TOUGH: Hell On Earth), found it all boarded up. They all broke in, and were sent to the new Detention Center located next to it. Most...Date:09/05/94
Size:64.58 KB
Author:George Fiffy

REoL TOUGH: St. Lucifer's Church
It's Sunday morning, at least to your knowledge, and Satan is STILL creating havoc on Earth! For now, you have another mission to accomplish! It's now Christmas Eve in the year 2194, and most of hell's creatures usually go to church for a ser...Date:10/08/94
Size:61.7 KB
Author:George Fiffy

REoL TOUGH: Barron Wasteland
It was a nice, sunny day on the moon of Phobos. You decide to take a nature walk around the terrain, when you come across a weird (yet interesting) structure about two miles away. Since you walk the same route practically every day, you swore that...Date:11/18/94
Size:55.3 KB
Author:George Fiffy

Not too long ago, you. B.J. Blazcowictz found out where Satan lived when you were wondering through Hell. As he was preparing his troops for Hell On Earth, he left his home, and wreaked havoc on Earth. You then went to his castle (FIFFY2.WAD) ...Date:01/24/95
Size:238.44 KB
Author:George Fiffy

REoL TOUGH: Total War
CHAPTER 1: TOTAL WAR 1, First ever REoL TOUGH level. This is a remake of WAR.WAD, the first ever DOOM level made by me. As you will see, the construction is very shoddy, and of poor quality. Your first mission is to destroy all the end boss...Date:08/04/94
Size:115.85 KB
Author:George Fiffy

REoL TOUGH: TOTAL WAR III: Land of Weirdness
ABOUT THE TOTAL WAR III EXPERIENCE: To play the new level, type REoLDOOM to start total chaos! This is probably one of the weirdest DOOM levels you may ever had played! There are soooo many weird effects and illusions you may have thought would be IM...Date:08/20/94
Size:72.29 KB
Author:George Fiffy

REoL TOUGH: Satan's School of Warfare
Somewhere on the moon of Phobos, a school sits in a big crator. This school takes dumb daemons from hell and teaches them how to become REAL FIGHTERS! They go to classes durring the day, and they go out and do their "homework" on the streets of...Date:09/23/94
Size:64.23 KB
Author:George Fiffy
A complete episode replacing Knee Deep in the Dead. Rough looks, typical of the era, high monster counts, lots of cells and rockets, numerous puzzles....Date:12/31/19
Size:295.06 KB

A whole episode of new levels that are kind of easy to figure out but hard to exit because you must do allot of killing first. Perfectly fair with plenty of ammo. Built with quality in mind Challenging and also looks good. Took hundreads of h...Date:09/26/97
Size:374.53 KB
Author:Angelo Jefferson

One extra level for doom with the same quality as #1kill...Date:09/26/97
Size:35.65 KB
Author:Angel Jefferson

Poisonous Prison, or Get Poised
O.K. Here's the story. You were sent to rescue two of your friends. They were captured by an enemy ship, piloted by Cacodemons and placed in a high security prison. You beam into the prison only to realize that your friends have been genetically alte...Date:10/29/04
Size:58.21 KB
Author:Jon Landis

The Beginnings
My 5 first levels. I have made better wads since, believe me. These aren't supposed to be challenging or anything, just interesting. Any beginners should look at these. They are exactly NOT what good levels are. I just wanted these to be sort of "imm...Date:05/27/96
Size:73.79 KB
Author:Zeddicus 4

difficult map for 1 player...Date:05/26/16
Size:7.05 KB
Author:Jeff Tunink

This is my first attempt at building a level, hence the name. It's not particularly fancy but will hopefully be entertaining. Future levels of mine will be more complicated as I learn to use the editor. I don't have a sound board so I did'nt bother e...Date:04/13/07
Size:31.35 KB
Author:Dan Buckley

The word you will say after playing this!
This is the chilling finale to The Shores of Hell, but with a few extra twists. There are many more enemies and things to figure out. There is an entire section that cannot be reached without TWO people playing. Here is a warning... Even on the easie...Date:07/26/04
Size:60.18 KB
Author:Jon Landis

Just one of a thousand PWAD's out there. Hope you enjoy it....Date:06/19/94
Size:87.09 KB
Author:Rob (Cisco) Sarsorito

You look down a short corridor to a door. You fire a round - the air thickens with roars, hisses, and groans. What the HELL have you gotten into? As you hack your way through, you see shattered gardens, dimly-lit halls with sleeping chambers, a well....Date:07/18/94
Size:58.48 KB
Author:Peter Naus

21 Crossfire, v1.0
A small wad suitable for playing either stand-alone or (preferably) altdeath. Single player is pretty easy (I was able to beat UV and ended up with 100% health). The wad got its name from a situation where Tim and I were both in the opposing hidden...Date:09/08/94
Size:16 KB
Author:Joe E. Powell

Rat in a Maze
You've been thrown in this maze like a rat to be confused, disoriented and killed to sadistically entertain the architect. The automap facility will be almost useless due to the complexity of the maze. Beware the marauding lost soul maze clea...Date:09/04/94
Size:103.97 KB
Author:David Priddy

Escape from 22ventry
This level was an experiment in sprite development. Live "actors" were photographed in all the required sprite positions and the resultant pictures scanned on an Aries flatbed scanner and retouched using Picture Publisher. The level is really just a ...Date:08/02/95
Size:803.91 KB
Author:David J. Singer
This is reminicent of a castle with moat and all. There still a few problems. Some of the walls are paper thin, which should NOT be done (I wish I'd known that earlier). Bitmaps don't all line up either. ...Date:04/19/94
Size:10.48 KB
Author:Aaron Auseth

2BAD.WAD, version 1.0
A couple of cavernous rooms with too many monsters, snipers up high, lots of trip wires - watch yer' back. Because of the amount of monsters in Ultra-Violence, the game may be choppy on slow machines....Date:03/03/06
Size:37.92 KB
Author:Tom Petrillo

A level for guys who want mainly to fight. You are now at Deimos moonbase in front of an area that planned as an storage area by the UAC, but not used yet. You found one dying space marine in front of the two large doors that could tell you only th...Date:08/21/94
Size:105.18 KB
Author:Martin Titz

2 Hell & Back
(This WAD obviously isn't finished so it's not that big yet. Wait until the next one comes out.) You start out in a garden by a house, then you find a little elevator that takes you down to hell, now it's over....Date:05/25/96
Size:3.39 KB
Author:Dean Dickison

Run, shoot, survive (if possible)....Date:12/30/05
Size:49.57 KB

303 Sucks! (Version 2.1)
303 (Denver Colorado Area Code) Design based on blue prints of actual 303. This is the first of many 303 levels I will do, and I will eventually replace a few textures with some of my own. -----> If the game runs to slowly, um, buy a IMPORTANT!----->...Date:03/03/06
Size:16.55 KB

Descent into the Depths of Chaos #3
This is a maze-like Pwad, and is intended as the third level to our remake of the "Shores of Hell" episode. You find yourself in a series of small, confining rooms, with no idea where in the HELL you are. Patterns are important......Date:11/16/12
Size:56.51 KB
Author:The Chaos Brothers David Montgomery & Jim Milner

My brothers and I were DOOM addicts, but when we finally found a usable PWAD editor, we were reborn as DOOM junkies. Thus, we humbly offer these PWAD files to all other DOOM junkies or addicts. All of the PWAD files enclosed in this package are des...Date:03/03/06
Size:234.06 KB
Author:Ror, Jim, Chris

This is my third solo WAD. You'll notice my addiction to balconies. This one has some tricks to solve. There are no exotic weapons or monsters. It's moderately difficult - I can complete it on U-V in about 6 minutes; Nightmare is fun!...Date:12/28/11
Size:35.64 KB
Author:Chris Valentine

There's three directions for you to choose from when you start out. Don't forget to get your rifle. One of the environments is a prison with a courtyard, another is a sort of warehouse complex. You can exit the level from any of the three environment...Date:06/01/05
Size:98.48 KB
Author:Neil Riehle

Happy Frickin Birthday 40oz
A speedmap provideing a decent challenge if you don't mine a large mass of cacodemons and teleporting cyberdemons in a 1024 size room :P...Date:12/21/10
Size:17.33 KB

E1M1.WAD in
The monsters want to kill you. Because of that, you have to kill them....Date:06/10/06
Size:11.95 KB

666 mini-episode
A mini-episode consisting of 5 levels. Replaces E3M4 through E3M8. A batch file is included to start the episode. Just unzip the file into the DOOM directory and type 666. It will give instructions on how to use the batch file (you have to give it a ...Date:11/16/94
Size:218.54 KB
Author:Steve Timson

The research station on Sirius 4 has not been responding to recent communications - ever since they reported a breakthrough on an ancient culture that is living there. They had found the beings that these creatures worshipped... It would take too lon...Date:06/20/94
Size:42.27 KB
Author:Neil Cameron

Another Demon hunt over 9 levels...Date:09/04/95
Size:300.04 KB
Author:David Turpin

9 to 5, version 1.0
Well, I was all set for another boooring day at the office, but something told me I was in for a little treat... a simple trip up the elevator leading to a glorious welcome... Take THAT!! No more Mr YES MAN!!!...Date:06/13/94
Size:84.71 KB
Author:Jonathan Hensey-Altfeld

900 Deep in the Dead
Capellan on the Doomworld forums had this neat project idea; to make maps in 100 lines, or less. I thought this was so cool, and made about seven maps for it. Then I thought to myself "why not make my own episode of the things?" Nine maps with le...Date:07/28/13
Size:89.91 KB
Author:Jay 'Jayextee' Townsend

Descent into the Depths of Chaos #9
This Pwad is intended as the secret level to our remake of the "Shores of Hell" episode. No hint's, but be afraid, be very afraid... ... and have lots of DOOM style fun!...Date:11/16/12
Size:42.51 KB
Author:The Chaos Brothers David Montgomery & Jim Milner

9 Rings of Hell
A 9-level Deathmatch episode based on circular-shaped rooms. Meant to be Deathmatch (1 or 2), but has both monsters and difficulty levels, and can be played as either single-player or cooperative. (Single = mass carnage!)...Date:09/15/94
Size:58.48 KB
Author:Pete Nilson

9 lives
A death defying level for Doom 1...Date:11/21/08
Size:35.23 KB
Author:Barnabas Burgess

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