Title: WHAT?! (as in the sound when something isn't right)
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/02what.zip
Size: 23.25 KB
Date: 08/19/95
Description: I consider this to be one HELL of a level. Meaning you can play this for a long time and not win. However it makes a great deathmatch. I made the hard skill levels (4 & 5) look a little more hellish, because the easy skill levels are a cakewalk. I figure it to be a cheap reward. I've included a .LMP of me beating (finally) the level on Ultra- Violence, but haven't tackled Nightmare yet.
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Odd map, short, and painful.x
Typical 1994 map. Garbage! 0/5!x
Very good addon . I enjoyed it.x
It's enjoyably hectic, although not all that tricky by today's standards; which makes me wonder whether I have changed or the computer gaming world. I still find Manic Miner hard, so perhaps I am now had so much practice with Doom that old levels do not challenge me much, and of course I am now using a mouse to control my movements whereas in 1995 I used the keyboard.x
Very nice! Good level layout too. Had a couple of scares there especially with the Cyberdemon. Get this map if you dont have it yet!x
Sure the architecture is crap but there are several good battles in this small wad.x

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