Title: 1_on_1.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/1_on_1.zip
Size: 87.09 KB
Date: 06/19/94
Author: Rob (Cisco) Sarsorito
Description: Just one of a thousand PWAD's out there. Hope you enjoy it.
Credits: Brendon Wyber (DEU 5.1)
RaphaŽl Quinet (DEU 5.1)
Joe Wilcox (DEUH), (yep, it's a hack of DEU)
Colin Reed (BSP1.1X)
and of course, the great id Software team.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 'bout 25 hours
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEUH, BSP1.1X
Bugs: There's one spot that gives the HOM. Live with it.
Rating: (15 votes)
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Average stuff, even for it's day. 3/5 -Mr. Chrisx
Gameplay: Its ok. Some spots you could get stuck in and sometimes you're left to fend for yourself and find very well hidden doors. But its not bad. Audio: I like the Star Wars music. I dunno if it went well with the rest of the level, but I like the music. Special Usage: I love the hallway that's completely dark with the red lines on it. Completely cool. Cool streetlights. Conclusion: It was a pretty good WAD for its time. Very nice.x
This is from 30 May 1994. It's slick for something so old - one corridor has an attractive and subtle use of scrolling textures, which was unheard of in 1994. There's a little outdoors bit with some streetlights that still looks good all these years later, indeed the author uses light levels wisely throughout the level. The gameplay is only so-so, with a reliance on unmarked doors and mazes, but this is an early classic. The author seems to have retired after this.x
The first PWAD I ever played. Cool Star Wars music, nice new sky, some neat parts. A classic, as mentioned before. Try it.x
Classic from the early days of WAD makingx

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