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Date: 07/16/94
Author: George Fiffy
Description: After fighting your way through the final end boss of INFERNO, you return to the plannet Earth after a mission well done. You, B.J. BLAZKOWICZ, were part of a big N.Y.C. ticker tape parade to celebrate the end of hell's reign of terror! You then go back home to your wife and kids in your 5'th Avenue penthouse.

While watching Wheel Of Fortune, right when you think you solved the puzzle, a special report interupts your programming. You change the channels, but ALL the stations are airing a report on something horrible happening near the top of Mount McKenley. Daemons from hell are building a main HQ building to try and take over the earth! This gets you very angry, after all, you thought you solved the puzzle on Wheel Of Fortune!

You knew what you had to do. You had to go to Mt. McKenley and teach those ingrates a lesson before things get out of hand.

You arrive to the base from Hell atop Mt. McKenly. It's a big metal building filled to the rim with hell's creatures. You walk in and find you are too late. Hell already started throwing Earth into total chaos, but YOU can reduce the effect!

Reports state that 24 hours ago they started sending daemons out into the world, through a special EXIT switch scattering these bastards all over the plannet. You trip an infared beam, and the creatures re-wire the switch to only bring you to E1M2, and all enemies are on full allert to search and destroy you! Most of them are hiding secretly throughout the building waiting for you! You never knew anything about their technology anyway, so you're objective is not to fix the switch, but to clear the "metal halls of hell" so no more creatures will wreak havoc on Earth. After all, if all are dead, no one can fix the switch, and no one can transport them- selves to the four corners of the globe!

Go in there and kick daemon butt! If you fail, Hell on Earth will become a force too great for all armies to face.
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Bugs: I did fix the "nice" monster problem, by using a separate BSP nodebuilder outside of the one in DEUH.

SECRETS BOO-BOO: You only end up getting half credit for secrets, something I can't figure out. If you get a secret ratio of 50%, you, in reality, got 100% of the secrets. You find half the secrets, you get 25% credit.

FLAWS: There's only ONE graphic flaw throughout the entire level! When walking through the doorway to "the great plunge" (you'll know it when you see it), you'll see a band of gray and black "snow" in the doorway, if you're looking back at it walking through it. That's the only time that happens, and the ONLY graphics mistake made.
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