Filename: levels/doom/0-9/1fiffy2.zip
Size: 44.25 KB
Date: 07/23/94
Author: George Fiffy
Description: THIS IS THE BEST AND TOUGHEST LEVEL YOU'LL PROBABLY EVER PLAY! It's hard to make your way through the front door! THAT is how hard it is! If you make it through this "30 minute" stage (refering how long it takes to play the ENTIRE level, secrets and all), IT'S A MIRACLE YOU DID!

After destroying Lucifer's new "hell raising" base on top of Mount McKinley (FIFFY.WAD available on AOL), you decide to get even for his evil deeds. You go back to hell and wreck his home, or should I say, CASTLE!
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Again, some deaf monsters get new batteries for their hearing aids (suposed to be deaf, but SOMETIMES are not).

Floor and ceiling textures for the teleporters are WAY off center! (some are close!) I can't understand it! At least they work, and can be recognized.

DURRING BETA TESTING throughout the building process, this level is known to CRASH! This may be just my PC, since it crashes everything a lot. If this level DOES crash or lock up, turn off your EMM386 memory manager. It ALWAYS worked after that was done.
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Hey, it's not that bad. I found it enjoyable and well done for a 1994 wad. -- 3/5x
A pain in the arse to play. Really very poor. A tad better than the first, this is one big stink up. -- 1 Star.x
Ugh, this is like "Friday the 13th" series. It starts out bad, and ... well... it never improves. --1/5x
Pretty Bad!x

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