Title: REoL TOUGH: The Under Arms 5-star hotel
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/1fiffy3.zip
Size: 41.44 KB
Date: 08/11/94
Author: George Fiffy
Description: So, you have won the great TOTAL WAR II battle (FIFFYWAR.ZIP on AOL, 1FIFWAR.ZIP elsewhere), and the day is done. It's getting dark outside, and as you reach the SHORES OF HELL, you decide to check into hell's finest hotel, the Under Arms. (Get it?)
As you aproach, all of hells creatures that are checking in, checking out, and the employees see you, and they come to you for one reason, as if you didn't know what they want to do to you!
Well, all you have for a good weapon is the shotgun (heh,heh, heh!). Hope you'll do alright, as if there isn't any helpful items anyway! You'll experience the best structurally correct level you have ever seen! (There was not enough memory for bathrooms any- where!) Go into the maid's closet and get the master key to raid all the rooms! Go into the 5-star restraunt and go hunting! Go into the kitchen and cook up what you kill in there! There are many "emergency exits" that lead you to many unreachable places! Hope- fully you will be able to check out of this hotel! It gets quite NASTY at the higher levels of difficulty, almost like TOTAL WAR II!
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Bugs: * SNOW BARS: This weird effect occurrs in ultra-tall rooms, where at the entryways, alcoves, etc, a band of dots will appear. This is NOT a PWAD error, but a flaw in the DOOM.EXE file. Just pre- tend it doesn't exist! It acts that way too! Also, the imfamous HOM Effect (Hall Of Mirrors) may also occurr in ultra-tall areas.

* HALL OF MIRRORS EVERYWHERE!: God knows why this happened! In many places, the HOM effect occurred a lot durring construction, and seemed to somewhat dissapeared after adding THINGS to it. Some areas may still have it. Where it did (and may still do) occurr is at the northeastern-most corner of the map (where the swimming pool is).You look at the edges of the building at the left and rightmost corners of the outside walls, and the HOM would be there. Also appeared (or appears) leaning next to the right front window (when entering) looking into the restraunt. It would appear in that window, and above the seats at the restraunt, as well as in the door to the kitchen. I think that is still there!
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"-NOTES: Notice how the lifts have realistic-looking elevator doors!" x
Some great textfile action here. This map is from 11 august 1994. The textfile here isn't the one you'll get when you dl this wad. The original includes a "QUESTIONAIRE", a story, OTHER REoL TOUGH DOOM EXPERIENCES and Boo-Boos like snowbars. The only thing the textfile here has to offer is the secrets part. Which describes the secrets of another map of him. No ammo/health balance here as said above. 2/5 coldfusiox
The pain! Oh, the pain! --1/5x
As in all of Fiffy's levels there is a crapload of monsters thrown at you. However you are never in any trouble due to the near unlimited supply of health and amunition. Feel free to avoid.x

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