Title: REoL TOUGH: The Pit
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/1fiffy4.zip
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Date: 09/05/94
Author: George Fiffy
Description: It's the year 2094, and after all of hell's daemons that returned to the Mt. McKinley Base (FIFFY.WAD: REoL TOUGH: Hell On Earth), found it all boarded up. They all broke in, and were sent to the new Detention Center located next to it.

Most of the daemons were just awaiting for Satan to start the new school year at SATAN'S SCHOOL OF WARFARE (next REoL TOUGH level. Look for it soon) for classes. They just wanted to go back to hell, but the access way was closed, and they just simply wanted to go back!

One day, HELL BROKE LOOSE! A riot broke out in the Detention Camp (and a fairly nice one too)! Some guards were sent in to put as many deamons as they can into 10 prison cells located in the building, 2 in one cell block, 8 in the other. All could fit 4 comfortably. Some daemons were too big for that requirement. There were just too many daemons running around!

All the guards were killed, and the daemons are running all over the place! A good hiding spot within this Detention Camp is the Unenchanted Forrest! They are ready for ANYONE who gets in their way!

Meanwhile, you, B.J. BLAZKOWICZ, was sent to the White House to be breifed on what's going on atop Mt. McKinley, AGAIN! At first you thought something horrible was to happen to the President. It's worse! It could threaten ALL MANKIND, like George Bush did to this country!

You were given a partial map of the Detention Center, and you were told in a briefing by the Pentagon that you'll have to use a room called The Pit to gain access to all parts of the building. To keep evil ones from escaping, switches throughout the building (sometimes tripwires) are used to activate/deactivate lifts to gain entry to doors in The Pit. All were lowered at night. It's reported the Daemons have lowered all the platforms and filled the pit with 10 feet of radioactive waste! You'll have to find the switches or trip wires to raise the lifts to other doors so as not to get the goo all over you, AND to be able to reach the doors as well! NOTE: ONE door will NOT have a platform for it in The Pit! This door is an "exit only" door to exit the Unenchanted Forrest. BEWARE!

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Bugs: * SHOOT THROUGH IMPASSABLE WALLS: The first part of your journey starts in a room that goes dark, and a platform lowers. The big brown area is a room that holds the important yellow key. When daemons with fire power are in this room, they (and you) can shoot through the walls of this room! This is a bad engineering flaw in the design of this room. DAMN!

* LIGHTS OUT AGAIN?: This same area. The room goes dark (set to trip off the lights ONCE), and you open the yellow door, The lights are tripped on (set to go on ONCE). Returning back to The Pit, the lights MAY go out AGAIN, even though that is NOT suposed to happen!

* DISAPPEARING SPRITES: Comes with the REoL TOUGH territory. Too many sprites, several will dissapear. This time, it's all those TREES, and NOT a billion enemies in the Unenchanted Forrest (there are a few well-placed enemies. KEEP MOVING!). If trees disappear, and you walk and suddenly do not move, and nothing's in front of you, there is a tree there.
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September 1994. It's an early example of those "Reol Tough" levels, which had bullish readme files but were rubbish. This one has 488 baddies - loads for 1994 - and in typical style you just mow down one mob after the next. Gameplay involves holding down the fire button, sidestepping left and right if you're facing imps, just standing still if you're facing demons. Paradoxically therefore it's not hard at all. And there's a tree maze. I gave up at that point.x
Good: A fairly good deal of killing to do; some okay lighting at points. Bad: Blocky, uninspired architecture; texture misalignments everywhere; bizarre style errors (e.g., doors in the "sky"); possible to get permanently stuck at least once; the infamous tree maze that STILL slows DOOM.EXE to a crawl. Overall: Not totally unplayable, but fairly dull. 2/5 -VVx
This is such a waste of a good idea it makes me angry. --1/5x
Well I suppose this is an interesting concept but it is pulled of pretty badly. You would think that after four of so maps FIFFY could actually do some half decent architecture however you won't find any of that here. Also while this was released many years before Boom you will definatley want an advanced Source Port since there are far too many "things" on screen at one time for the Original Doom exe to copex

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