Title: REoL TOUGH: Barron Wasteland
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/1fiffy6.zip
Size: 55.3 KB
Date: 11/18/94
Author: George Fiffy
Description: It was a nice, sunny day on the moon of Phobos. You decide to take a nature walk around the terrain, when you come across a weird (yet interesting) structure about two miles away. Since you walk the same route practically every day, you swore that that building was not there before. You decide to trailblaze (in the treeless plains, don't get lost!) towards this structure.

You are almost there. You decide to stop for a moment and look at the building, stretching across the hill it was sitting on, and you say to yourself: "That sucker is HUGE!"

You walk closer towards the structure, and you can finally see some detail on the structure. "Something just does not seem right" you say to yourself. You get an eerie feeling in your stomach, but after puking you brains out on that bottled Mexican water you drank an hour ago, you still press onwards, towards the ominous superstructure.

You are getting very close now. You can read a sign up ahead. About 1/4 mile from the building, the sign reads "Enter at your own risk". You heard noises coming from the structure, but as you step onto a dry twig, all the noise in that direction came to a halt. You must have fig- ured that it was the U.S. Government still trying to hide some top secret space craft like some morons in the desert who think you do not know what they are hiding. You decide to start running towards the superstructure, and you are very close. Suddenly, something weird happens.

A green puff of smoke appears all around you, accompanied by a metallic sound. Once the noise and green smog around you diminished, you realized you were teleported INSIDE the secret structure, and now you are inside the "forbidden teritory" of Hell's new tenement for all the bad boys from Hell, The Barrons, the Cacodaemons, and, well, more Barrons! Too many Barrons! Of course, a few weaklings are here as well (how did they get to work in here?).

Well, it looks like you have yet another tough mission ahead of you. All I can say is, GO GET 'EM!
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Bugs: (1) TRAPPED ON STAIRWELL: The stairwell in front of you, when you start, has an odd, turning fashion to it, so enemies like Barrons get stuck at ceartain points. WHAT AN ADVANTAGE!
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Harsh reviews guys, harsh fuckin' reviews. Very very underrated in my honest opinion.x
"You come across a military base overrun by Barons! Need-less to say, this is to be one very tough battle ahead." Yup, and it's a battle I choose not to fight. 0/5 -Maesx
^ Nice review dude! Now why can't all 'reviewers' adopt this 'lets let other Doomers know what this shit is' additude? I couldn't even be bothered to side-step... F10 Y... 0.000001/5x
This is dated November 1994. The readme file is indeed crap; it's a lot of hubris. The map is a dungeon / techbase, slightly better than the typical 1994 nonsense, with more and tougher monsters than usual; in particular, lots of barons. You have loads of ammo, and the level boils down to chaingunning dozens of barons, which is tedious; you just stand there with the trigger held down, and periodically sidestep left or right. That's the gameplay, that's all there is.x
What he said.x
In his !!READ!!.TXT file he confidentally proclaims that he is the "WORLD'S BEST DOOM LEVEL CREATOR." Well if you are the "Worlds best doom level creator" why in the hell would you make a completey under-detailed, overly-difficuly, bad lay-out map? A STEP BACK from his earlier works, those levels themselves, pretty bad. x

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