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Date: 01/24/95
Author: George Fiffy
Description: Not too long ago, you. B.J. Blazcowictz found out where Satan lived when you were wondering through Hell. As he was preparing his troops for Hell On Earth, he left his home, and wreaked havoc on Earth. You then went to his castle (FIFFY2.WAD) and got even! When he returned home a few months later, he was FURIOUS! Satan got so angry, he built a special school called Satan's School of Warfare (WAR4.WAD). On his day off, you went in and slaughtered the student body, as well as all of his staff. What you didn't know about this school was that the students were being trained to go to your New York penthouse apartment on your break and destroy you like never before! Good thing you were there early! Just think, if you didn't go there, you would be DEAD now! No wife, no children (Hmmm), and worst of all, NO 90210! (Running gag. Was in another doc to another level.) You DO want to see the one where Brandon's girlfriends take him to Bob Barker to get... Well, you get the picture! :)

You hear the phone ring, and you hesitantly answer it. Colonel Sanders is on the line. Oh boy, just what you need on your day off watching the O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL! Sanders told you that Lucifer himself just bought his second home in Hell because you wrecked the first one. You shrug your sholders as the TV cameramen accidently show the face of a juror. Sanders then told you that Satan is going to pay you a visit. You then wake your family, pack, and go to MOTEL 6 to hide your family, as you go off to meet your fate, while your family watches TV with 46 channels, all but 5 carrying the O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL (That gives you more reasons to play DOOM, doesn't it?). You head to a starirway that goes to Hell and find Satan nowhere, but you do find his new home in Hell. Since you reflect back and remember that your family is now safe in a motel, you decide to take the $.50 tour of his home, and do what you've done last time, kick butt, and go on a rampage! You'll meet his bodyguard at the end, so don't say you were not warned! This is the time to get out your weponry and ask: "Who wants to be fried?" You go in, and you fight for your life, and to free the world from havoc (for now).
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Bugs: (1) That toe you stubbed this morning. That's why God gave us toes, to find the furniture in the dark.

(2) That there actually are no problems. Pinch me to see if I'm dreaming!
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OK here's my story. I played through Fiffy 1 and 2, gave both a 1 Star score, and then thought to myself "no way am i going to play through them all". So i decided to play one more with the highest rating. And here is my verdict. It stinks and sucks and aches just as much as his former attempts. The level design is the same - abysmal. Too many monsters, crap guns, boring design and BLOODY BORING!! Yay, the architecture is mildly better, so what. These levels stink more than my grandma. -- 1 Star.x
What the second guy said.x
What the first guy said.x
Good Level!! 5/5-- Moti_The~Doomx
Well it took Fiffy 7 or so attempts but he finally made a half decent level. The best map design and architeture of his levels so far. Unfortunatley this map still gets plagued by the "Lets throw 80 imps at the player with nothing more than a shotgun to beat them all" trap which tends to get boring fast. Also the new Sounds almost ruin the experiencex

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