Title: Rat in a Maze
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/21ratmaz.zip
Size: 103.97 KB
Date: 09/04/94
Author: David Priddy
Description: You've been thrown in this maze like a rat to be confused, disoriented and killed to sadistically entertain the architect. The automap facility will be almost useless due to the complexity of the maze. Beware the marauding lost soul maze cleanup crew. Be more wary of Cacodemons that are above the constraints of maze walls...
This is my first attempt at Doom level creation. There are a couple of areas on the map that show up strangely during play. I had planned to add more (!!) rooms, but Deu 5.21's reject data routine crashed if I attempted to add more than 512 sectors. WARNING: I had difficulty saving an Ultra Violent level until after I had killed many monsters.
I hope this level will consume alot of your time. You are the guinea pigs for my first attempt. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!
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It took me 1 hour and 44 minutes to beat.x
2/5 I like the design. It's a multi-tiered maze, using height to differentiate between pathways. The gameplay brings switch-hunting to a whole new level. You find one, you hit it, then you navigate the maze to see what cranny you opened up. Some switches are behind secret doors and some open up areas within secrets. Few of the secrets are obvious, making for tedious backtracking that sapped my will to play. I like the concept, but I despise the execution. - KMX E XIIx
Not bad.x
One of the least promising level names evah, and the author spells "alot" as one word, which is a bad sign. But the level isn't as bad as I expected, although it is nonetheless a big maze. But the author has put enough thought into height variations, lighting etc for it to be quite atmospheric (it reminds me of Time Bandits or the ancient ZX Spectrum game Gyron for some reason). It surprised me, although it's still fairly trivial.x
Only download if you like low detailed maze levels!x

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