Title: 23castle.zip
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/23castle.zip
Size: 10.48 KB
Date: 04/19/94
Author: Aaron Auseth
Description: This is reminicent of a castle with moat and all. There still a few problems. Some of the walls are paper thin, which should NOT be done (I wish I'd known that earlier). Bitmaps don't all line up either.
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It's a very early map, and it's not a good one. Not the worst though.x
E2M3 replacement from the early days of doom wad editing, this is very basic for singleplayer and would have probably been ok for deathmatch but when I looked in doombuilder there are only 4 player starts and each of these are huddled close together. I suppose this is not too bad there are far worse from 94 and although easy and basic this is still worth a play for old-skool doomers. But I will rate this based on how it looks and plays now and I can only give this 2/5 but still a piece of historyx
A product of the "Guys, I made this can you believe it?!" era of mapping. Sure, half of it is HOM, but c'mon, it's what? The 3rd or 4th level ever made? I'll cut it some slack.x
A very early level indeed; it's a big but most empty castle with some 'battlements', a dungeon and a fireplace. There's a rocket launcher and a plasma rifle, but only a dozen or so monsters, which are shotgun chaps and the pink piggies. Possibly not bad in deathmatch. Still, it's interesting to see what the world was like back in in 1994; I wonder where Aaron Auseth is now? He must be all grown up.x
Although this is a really old wad, it could've been done better. Anyway, gets 3 stars for the high nostalgia factor. -- 3/5x
This is one of the earliest levels. No need to be so harsh with the review. This is one of those levels that got me interested in what the Doom engine can do. Thanks for all your hard work!x

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