Filename: levels/doom/0-9/2bosses.zip
Size: 105.18 KB
Date: 08/21/94
Author: Martin Titz
Description: A level for guys who want mainly to fight.

You are now at Deimos moonbase in front of an area that planned as an storage area by the UAC, but not used yet. You found one dying space marine in front of the two large doors that could tell you only that the demons that invaded this area have two leaders hating each other and that there is a column with four switches that controls access to several areas.was
Credits: Authors of DEU, BSP and VNB, and of course, of DOOM. Radoslav Smiljanic and Christian Duehl for testing the multiplayer modes.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Several weeks (with testing and recompiling on a 386 with 25 MHz).
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEU 5.2 (gcc port) and BSP 1.1x, BSP 1.2x, VNB 1.050 for nodebuilding
Bugs: Saving games is not possible in DOOM 1.2, sorry: it results in a 'Savegame buffer overrun', there are too much monsters and items in the level.

If you use some doors or lifts you will perhaps see for a moment something I could only describe as a dark grey veil for a small moment (Moire effect of DOOM 1.2).

At one step of the long staircase are small strange light effects though I can't see any difference of construction to the other steps, so I darkened the whole area.
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Way big from 94's league gameply and progression like noob but layout is perfectly looks like modren day slaughter maps.....2/5 if talking nowadys but keeping production date in mind 4/5 x
A gigantic map... 415 monsters thrown in on UV, and still there's barely enough of a challenge to even keep you from yawning. Playing Tyson style might spice things up a bit,though. The map consists mostly of enormous, completely bare rooms with tons of lightweight monsters, huge lifts, and small cramped corridors leading seemingly nowhere and everywhere at the same time. The progression is wierd as well. Not much to like here, I'm afraid. Still, there's far far worse (amazingly). --2/5x
This is like a 1FIFFYX.WAD map.... only a lot lot worse!x

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