Title: REoL TOUGH: TOTAL WAR V: Chambers of Death
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/0-9/1fifwar4.zip
Size: 59.55 KB
Date: 10/29/94
Author: REoL (George Fiffy)
Description: Once again, you are at home watching your soap operas and talk shows when yet another special report comes across the tube. You were real up- set about this, because you were watching 90210! You march your way to Kenedy Airport and fly to the Washington to meet with the Pentagon to ask why they had to interrupt the episode where Brendon was cheating on his girlfriends. "It's those daemons from Hell again", said Colonel Sanders, "they have taken over a top secret millitary bomb shelter enormous in size." Sanders gives you a map of the main areas of the bomb shelter. You were warned about the "Fiffy Room" (you'll know it when you see it) where there are (up to) "99 WAYS TO DIE" coming out of each letter of that one famous name in the floor. You know this is going to be a tough mission, so you may want to bring a few friends along so you can evenly divide the mere 495 enemies teleporting their way into the Fiffy Room.
What fun this will be! You then find a square area on the floor which makes a door open up in the room you're in. You then find out you are not finished after all! You then walk into a large courtyard too big to make fighting enemies tough, untill you open the big wooden door on the other end of the courtyard....
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(1) The main wooden door into the Fiffy Room is suposed to stay open at all times, but the daemons somehow close it on occasion. If you are in this room, just climb the steps and open the door by pressing the space bar. If you're on the OTHER side (main corridor), you'll have to hit the green switch again. This is the switch in the blue keyed area inside the room on the far left corner (you can see the switch from this room through a little window). Usually the daemons will open the door again, if there are enough there.

(2) ENEMIES SEE THROUGH WALLS: Well, sometimes you'll hear grunts of enemies before you even get to them, or they'll be waiting for you right at the door(s)! Scout's motto: BE PREPARED!

(3) DOG BITES: Ouch! Go to the doctor and get checked out for Rabies!

(4) THE USUAL TOTAL WAR PROBLEM: Yep! Too many sprites to draw!
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More excellent work from George Fiffy. In addition to following his usual custom (at first) of shorting you on rockets and zapjuice so that you have to dispose of big monsters with mere powder and shot, there are lots of nice (and not so nice) surprises here. On top of all that, there are so many monsters in this level that it's ridiculous. The bad guys keep coming... and coming... and coming... and coming...x

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