Title: Alpha Accident: Terra Nova
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/a-c/aa_e1.zip
Size: 2.99 MB
Date: 08/25/16
Author: Wraith777
Description: I always wanted to make something classic but with a new content. This wad has not only new maps, textures and music but also new things. Also there are new monsters (boss included), and a new (barely) map hazard - voltage... Maps in this episode are quite large and more of an andventure sort than anything else, but there's enough monsters to shoot at.

I hope this will not end being a cliffhanger, because there are lot of things saved for later episodes which I'd like to implement.
Credits: Testing - Shadowman, Memfis, Guest, kmxexii Music - Paul Corfiatis, Kyle "Skunk" Guthrie, Nmn, Das Boot Tools - CodeImp, Greg Lewis, Csabo, Exl, Entryway, Aap, Zink The Dink DooM - id Software
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 years (or 1,5 without long pauses)
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder v.1.68, XWE, Whacked2, Dehacked 3.0
Bugs: in ZDoom v.2.8.1 and earlier objects appear in front container sprite after loading a savegame; otherwise, nothing critical
Rating: (35 votes)
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Summer Deep
A good challenge with huge levels and plenty of opposition, a good slogfest though it never becomes slaughterish. Last three levels particularly impressive, though I thought the route to the blue key in map 6 was a little too well concealed for it to be entirely fair.x
Do start at e1m7 and then when finished start at the first map and it will all make sense. Thank you for the reviewer making that suggestion. I liked this wad a lot Wraith777. :) x
Getsu Fune
large and adventurous. it keeps the fun factor throughout.x
Extremely huge, non-linear, complex, complicated, confusing and good. Sometimes suffers from "what did this switch do?" syndrome. Recommended playing with Doom 2's SSG.x
what quickly became one of my most favorite mapsets for the ultimate doom. enormous, complex layouts, tons of action, and new things like crates containing items and robot sentries, both static and mobile. an adventure you might never forget... or finish, if you're easily confused or frustrated by level geometry. i highly recommend it.x
I played through the entire wad. I may be one of the best vanilla Doom mods ever.x
Awesome wad!x

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