Title: Abyssus
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/a-c/abyssus.zip
Size: 91.11 KB
Date: 06/03/09
Author: Mr. Chris
Description: Another episode 2 map replacement and so far the most challenging so far. Abyssus means "bottomless pit" in Latin. Try and find all 9 secrets if you can, as some of them will greatly help you get through some of the tougher sections of the level.
Credits: id Software, Codeimp, Wintex, Doomword, XWE and Jimmy.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: On and off for a week
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE, Wintex, Doomword
Bugs: None that I can find
Rating: (11 votes)
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Man I wish this author would have finished this series...he had five real nice maps going then just stopped. He released E2M8 and a secret level, but hey were pretty inferior and it was clear he had lost interest. Shame. But it doesn't affect what this file is worth, a rounded five!x
Expect to see Centrum in /newstuff in a few days (today is 6/25). -Chrisx
I loved Iconic, but this series just keeps getting better and better! A third map that perfectly recaptures that E2 style, and this one is the best yet! I found the balance to be absolutely perfect; down to the point that I had to use every last bullet and needed nearly every last health kit I found, but it was never frustrating. Very recommended, and an absolute must play for classic fans; I really can't find much in the way of any faults! I can't wait for E2M4!x
Great successor to Stoned and Iconic. Dark, difficult and so much fun. These maps just get better and better. 5/5x
Excellent gameplay, cool secret areas, difficult but not obscenely so. Very fun, 5/5. -Neonx
Found 5 of the secrets.Exited after 40 min, cuz my brain started to hurt.Another good old school map from Mr.Chris.4/5-d.d.koo px

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