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A level i made for the BotB contest, where the purpose was to create a single map for vanilla Doom or Boom, so i've decided to create this map. Is an abstract structure made out mostly from Wood / Vines / Rock textures sets in a floating place in f...Date:12/01/16
Size:128.5 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

At hell's gate
Junked map from third installation of "oskyrt". Hell/Void stuff this time......Date:07/15/09
Size:278.28 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The Damned
A collab map in the E2M5/E2M6/E2M7 vein which at least 2 or 3 other Doomworld members assisted on building with me so the distinct styles show. I did post on Wads & Mods with screens but I had no luck. Maybe someone in the comments below will.. The...Date:11/27/12
Size:108.41 KB
Author:Mr. Chris & collaborators

The Day of Chains
E2-themed map, made as a present for Chaingunner's birthday....Date:11/04/16
Size:431.71 KB

Demon Base
According to your watch, it's the 12th of June. Which is odd, because it was definitely the 5th of June about five seconds ago, and you were at your friend's birthday party, not here... Frantically, you cast your mind back to the time which was presu...Date:03/03/14
Size:132.64 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Size:55.33 KB

DooMBoy E1M8
1 level WAD....Date:11/05/02
Size:19.72 KB
Author:DooMBoy (Heh)

Double Impact
A nine map episode 1 replacement....Date:03/30/11
Size:1.31 MB
Author:RottKing & Ralphis

Digital Deceit
It's a base style level, nothing more to say about it...Date:07/09/05
Size:231.25 KB
Author:Rory Habich "Roerei"

Evil Unleashed
A medium sized classic doom map with an decent layout and entertaining gameplay which leans more to the easy side. The map started out as nothing really serious, but for some reason the map kept interesting me long enough to finish it. Its probably n...Date:06/20/10
Size:127.24 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

Dead Base 2.0
A big trashed up complex. An updated version of the first map in the "Wasteland" series of maps by Alberto Barsella (circa May '94)....Date:12/11/03
Size:213.37 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Deimos Condensed
Hellbase map. 20-50 minutes of play. Plucks various elements from the Deimos levels. Heavy use of dark. Alternate routes available. (ie. keycards are easier to obtain than skull keys) Gratuitous combat. Lots of monsters. Somewhat moderate and open sp...Date:08/02/16
Size:479.75 KB

Dark Side of Deimos
Size:769.42 KB

DEMISE: The Collision
Story: As you escaped and killed the Spider Mastermind, you found that two worlds have combined, Hell and Earth. Now it's up to you to clear them out of this collision. This is a short expansion pack wad with also containing two deathmatch maps (E4M5...Date:11/11/16
Size:839.54 KB
Author:Nathan Pagliaro

Deserted Phobos Facility
I created this map for my birthday, simple as that....Date:12/08/19
Size:94.94 KB
Author:Misty/Mysterious Haruko

Death Lab
Size:28.69 KB

Doom Incarnate: E1M1 and E1M2
Combines E1M1 and E1M2 into one level, adding more detail and extra rooms to connect them. More of these will probably follow. This was created from scratch....Date:09/04/07
Size:164.64 KB

It is a very large play field with lots of weapons and power-ups. Monsters are also quite abundant. I have tried it several times and it is quite fun to play....Date:05/18/08
Size:7.93 KB

It's not easy to explain what is this all about. Well,. right the moment you are reading this, a nomonster version of this WAD will have already been presented through an LMP as a wild demo at the Pixelshow demoparty. By running the batch file inside...Date:05/02/05
Size:649.54 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

Doomed Once More
It was a loooong time ago that I released E1M3 "No Quarter" of the Doomed Once More project as a "teaser" level for what I'd hoped would some day be a full episode replacement. Unfortunately, that day never came to be. I made a few more levels, but s...Date:08/16/03
Size:1.36 MB
Author:Will Hackney AKA Archvile46

No Quarter
This is E1M3 of my project, Doomed Once More. Hopefully, the project will even- tually cover all of Ultimate Doom AND Doom 2. But just in case, I'm taking it one episode at a time. Run this little WAD on Ultimate Doom (YOU MUST USE A SOURCE PORT THAT...Date:05/10/02
Size:723.27 KB
Author:Will Hackney AKA Archvile46

Doom Revisited
2 1\2 new episodes for Boom 2.02 only...Date:03/23/99
Size:2 MB
Author:Chris John Pisarczyk

Size:480.4 KB
Author:Jonathan Stewart

Thy Flesh - Turned into a draft-excluder
Episode 4 replacement for the Ultimate Doom which may or may not be related in any shape or form to Concerned :P...Date:11/03/14
Size:1.72 MB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

Dreadful Change Upon us....
This is a UDoom wad, it was suppose to be a complete episode 2 replacement, but then some other stuff got my attention :) and the project dies. Still this map remains, I see nothing wrong with releasing it. The map is pretty nonlinear, You may comple...Date:08/16/04
Size:154.67 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski aka NMN

Originally made for The Standard E1 Community Project, Driven is a non-linear, medium-sized, encounter-focused map featuring a custom made Jimmy midi, plus 666 monsters on all difficulties and using stock textures. It takes about 10-20 minutes to ...Date:08/29/20
Size:1.02 MB

Distorted Memories
The general idea is to loosely recreate each episode of Doom but summed up with 2 maps per episode. Each map tries to emulate the mapping styles of the original doom. Also features a secret level, which is more of its own thing, as well as a deathmat...Date:03/13/17
Size:387.18 KB
Author:Derek " Count " Pierson

E1 The Test
My attempt of an E1 style wad with some bits from E2, to see if I should bother to release another E1 project im working on. Requires the Ultimate Doom wad...Date:08/16/07
Size:50.49 KB

X-mas E1 Map
Yearly Speedmap I do for Christmas...Date:01/01/11
Size:52.65 KB
Author:Andrew "Malinku" Rehberger

E1M3: Reincarnated
E1M3: Reincarnated is a recreation of Level 3 of the first Doom. I looked to keep the gameplay of the original Doom, and spice it up with detail, and features zdoom has. I *might* consider recreating the entire first episode if this map goes well. ...Date:04/07/04
Size:295.04 KB
Author:Agent Spork

Phobos Mission Control
Size:91.28 KB
Author:John Romero

Tech Gone Bad
My Boss level replacement for e1m8...22 years later After exiting the Computer Station you knew the worst was up ahead. You still hadn't reached the place where the demons were coming from. The steel door shuts behind you as you realize you're...Date:01/16/16
Size:215 KB
Author:John Romero

E1M8, Phobos Anomaly Revisited
This is my way of seing the map 8 of the first episode of Ultimate doom, phobos anomaly. This level, like you've guessed, replaces the e1m8 of ultimate doom and features monsters from the realm667 site, textures from various sources(some from kdizd,z...Date:06/13/10
Size:1.9 MB
Author:The_trigger(aka doomliker)

A begginers level, intended to be one of the first levels, so it isn't difficult or too big....Date:01/23/16
Size:20.31 KB
Author:Gabriel Machado

Mainentance Sewers
What happens if you going into the phobos sewers? Well, the reply to this answer is here! Anyway, it's a little (maybe too little, for e1 standards) map made by me (originally planned for Doom: The Way ID Did, but i realized isn't so... Romero-ish)...Date:04/28/11
Size:27.29 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

E4 style map, fast-paced gameplay....Date:01/14/13
Size:95.08 KB
Author:Steve Duff

Doom1 episode which runs on E4 with new textures based on already existing patches and custom monster behaviour via DEHACKED...Date:01/03/21
Size:1.59 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

The beginning of the End Part II for the Boom mod
My follow up to The Beginning of the end. Lots of new stuff here. All these levels have an original feel to them. You will enjoy playing these wads! But be warned... they are tough! I know you have heard it before but these levels really are tough! I...Date:06/06/98
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Emil Harold Brundage

The Enemy Inside
My final project for TCS 198 at UC Davis, a class revolving around modding Doom. You start in a strange catacomb, filled with zombies and ghouls. Eventually, you experience some strange sensation, and begin to change... Make sure to play with jum...Date:12/19/17
Size:9.7 MB

The Deimos Incident
//*********// This is my whole Episode 2 replacement, packed together. The secret level (e2m9) is a new one. The levels, wich can be found individually on /idgames, included here are: BIG TRUBLE AT DEIMOS BASE (e2m1cl) WAREHOUSE OF THE DAMNED (e2...Date:06/16/17
Size:1.06 MB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Fear Complex (version 1.0)
'Fear Complex' is a large single player/co-op map based on DOOM Episode 1 styling cues. Episode 1 has always been my favourite, so this is my way of saying "thanks for all the memories!" Being an E1-based map you won't find any cacodemons or lost...Date:10/09/03
Size:123.18 KB
Author:Edward "Orion" Wong

Fellowz E1M1 from Memory
Looking through some old files of mine, I found this WAD that was nearly completed -- surprise, surprise, it's another E1M1 remake! This was the last map I made purely on Android before I took my break from the Doom community as a whole, which is a s...Date:02/27/22
Size:39.35 KB

Fernito's Phobos base (silly name, I know, but I haven't thought of an official name yet xD).
Yet another Phobos base-themed episode, although I tried that levels actually looked like what they're named after, instead of looking like just generic bases like they did in the original game (don't take me wrong by the way, I LOVE the original gam...Date:03/12/13
Size:3.22 MB

Size:70.03 KB

For The Love Of DOOM
Episode for classic DOOM...Date:04/08/19
Size:711.43 KB

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