Title: No Quarter
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/d-f/dome1m3.zip
Size: 723.27 KB
Date: 05/10/02
Author: Will Hackney AKA Archvile46
Description: This is E1M3 of my project, Doomed Once More. Hopefully, the project will even- tually cover all of Ultimate Doom AND Doom 2. But just in case, I'm taking it one episode at a time. Run this little WAD on Ultimate Doom (YOU MUST USE A SOURCE PORT THAT REMOVES THE VANILLA ENGINE's LIMITATIONS, as vanilla Doom seems to hate my wad. Warp to E1M3 either in the command line or by using the IDCLEV cheat.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: 3+ months.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex
Bugs: On doom.exe, a whole lot. On ZDoom, not that I could see besides a few misaligned textures that I'm sure are there. If you see any bugs, drop me a line at pudge@att.net so that I can fix them for the Episode One release.
Rating: (6 votes)
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5 stars for a realistic map with decent playability.x
That's a pretty cool map. The details are really cool. This is probably one of the most realistic maps made. The only thing that sucks is the crappy start of the map where you're facing off against a huge horde of enemies with just a shotgun and pistol and sometimes it's hard to figure out where to go. Aside from that, this map rocks. 4/5x
This is a large, detailed map, technically impressive for 2002. It's a bit like the film "Outland", but brighter. There's a set of top-loading washing machines, a pinball machine, toilets (the designer puts imps in the female toilets). But the gameplay is as dull as ditchwater. You are faced with a small range of weak monsters, in an often-times intricate and cramped network of small rooms. It gets very boring very quickly.x
nice - Kak Homex
One of the most realistic maps ever. GP doesn't disappoint.x

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