Title: Fernito's Phobos base (silly name, I know, but I haven't thought of an official name yet xD).
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/d-f/ferno.zip
Size: 3.22 MB
Date: 03/12/13
Author: Fernito
Description: Yet another Phobos base-themed episode, although I tried that levels actually looked like what they're named after, instead of looking like just generic bases like they did in the original game (don't take me wrong by the way, I LOVE the original game maps :). Also, while the maps are meant to be more detailed than the original levels, they are by no means as detailed as in some other WADs like KDIZD, for example.

On a side note, these here are my very first Doom maps. I used to map for Duke Nukem 3D before, but I always wanted to make maps for Doom, so one day I stopped being lazy and downloaded Doom Builder 2. I was surprised at how easy and intuitive it was to use, specially compared to Duke Nukem 3D's Build and Mapster32 mapping utilities.

NOTE TO ALL VANILLA-DOOM LOVERS: the only reason why this WAD needs an "advanced" port is to get rid of the visplane limits; the gameplay and mapping style is pretty much what you would expect from a vanilla-compatible WAD (so don't expect fancy ZDoom effects or whatever).
Credits: Mikko Sandt (http://msdn.duke4.net/) and Loke (from amcwebforums.com), for being the official (and only) betatesters of this project. Without their invaluable help, this WAD would probably have a very unbalanced gameplay LOL.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: I started at some point during 2011, but I barely mapped during 2012. I guess actual build time is around 3-4 months.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs: None so far, although maybe some tutti-fruttis would appear while playing with ports that haven't that fixed.
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