Title: The Ice Keep
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/g-i/ikeep.zip
Size: 164.71 KB
Date: 11/25/22
Author: HotCoffee
Description: "As you venture through the woods you finally reach the castle. It is rumored that it's haunted by all sorts of demonic creatures, you're here to find out if it's true. As you firmly grip your pistol you make your way into the snowy castle..."

This is a boom-compatible map of medium size. It contains every weapon of Doom 1 you can find all of them if you look hard enough. It is recommended to play in Ultra-Violence. Have fun!

P.S. because in my previous map some people complained about candelabras being in the way this time I left them in the storage room.
Base: New from scratche
Build time: A few weeks
Editor(s) used: Eureka, Doom Builder, Slade
Bugs: None that I know of.
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