Title: Infested Factory
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/g-i/infact.zip
Size: 73.77 KB
Date: 03/03/14
Author: Martin Bazley
Description: I swore a solemn oath that I would not include a single maze in this WAD. I have seen quite enough of dark, winding, scary mazes to last a lifetime when playtesting Dreamland and The Catacombs. Oh, the storyline? Sorry... A secret research facility beneath the surface of Phobos has been frantically beaming out distress signals for the past three hours, but obviously nobody noticed until tea break was over. Now it's probably too late. Nobody is known to have survived, but it's a valuable place and you and a friend have been sent in to clean up. The entrance lobby doesn't look too dangerous. 'This is easy,' snorts your friend, reaching out to open the door, just as it bursts into flames... Easy it ain't.
Credits: Id Software (Doom) Eddie Edwards (RISC OS Doom) Justin Fletcher (Doom+, RISC OS BSP) Anthony J. Burden and Simon Oke (Deth) Lee Noar (RISC OS Deth) Colin Reed and Lee Killough (BSP) Big brother Chris (BSP front-end, web hosting)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 'Bout two months.
Editor(s) used: Deth (version 3.92, port 1.00)
Bugs: A transparent texture on the shaft leading down to the red area, probably because of the huge sector height. For some unknown and very weird reason, the first door refuses to close until you have thrown the switch in the marble area. Requires a source port of Doom that removes the internal limit that causes visplane overflows.
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Martin: a non-rectangular maze is still a maze... Having said that, this is a simple, not challenging 5-minutes wad. The curving stairs looks good. In it's category: 3/5: not bad but nothing special. @ Retog above: 5 stars??? Please take a look at some of the caco-award winning wads, and you'll know why I'm posting this.x
Very unusual but intriguing map 5*x
Compared to some awful maps my brother has designed, "pretty darn good". I'm not a fan of his abstract style but here are enviable ideas as well as impossibly unlinteled doorways. One corridor evokes an aquarium lined with skulls. You'll be using the shotgun a LOT. Includes the most vertiginous staircase I've seen. UV skill is sporadically deadly but difficulty depends a lot on discovery of secrets. Needs a source port without limits like ZDoom (crashed Chocolate Doom).x
Hmmm... out of wall the ones that this man/team has made, this one actually redeems itself... 3-5 - K12x

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