Title: Doom: The Lost Episode
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/j-l/lostepis.zip
Size: 2.38 MB
Date: 01/15/09
Author: Xaser (Project Lead, Primary Mapping) Wills (Secondary Mapping, E5M3) Skunk (Art, Intermap) Nuxius (
Description: A semi-official 5th episode for The Ultimate Doom.

This project's aim is to bring the official and relatively obscure console-exclusive maps together in a single playable episode. Maps consist of levels from PSXDoom, Jaguar Doom, and the Doom Alphas, re-mastered in a surreal yet fitting "neo-classic" style.

Great effort has been made to preserve the flow of the existing playable maps (PSX maps mostly), though a few in particular are heavily modified for purposes of gameplay or aesthetics. The Alpha maps in particular have changed drastically, but only for the purpose of "completing" what was originally an unfinished map. There is also one mostly-original map, though it does bear some striking similarities to Spawning Vats.

Though many oldschool doomers may not view earlier renditions of these maps (i.e. Kaiser's excellent Consoledoom.wad) as "canon" in the Doom universe, this project is designed specifically to preserve the look and feel of these maps in a format that will sit side-by-side with the original four iD episodes. We hope you will view this project as not just an add-on episode, but the fifth chapter in the Ultimate Doom universe.

Prepare for Evil Unleashed.
Credits: iD - DooM Alpha maps Midway/Williams - PSXDoom-exclusive maps Kaiser - PSXDoom Map conversion deathz0r - Alpha Map conversion Quasar - Eternity Engine support (+SSG fix) Chris Nielson - PSXDoom TC, for inspiration Raz - PSX Supershotgun remake
Base: Official maps from Midway/Williams and iD: E5M1: discarded map from DooM Alpha. By iD. E5M2: "Hell Keep" remake from Jaguar Doom. By iD. E5M3: "Spawning Vats" remake from Jag. Doom. By iD. E5M4: discarded map from DooM Alpha. By iD. E5M5: Original map from PSX Doom, by Midway/Williams. E5M6: Original map from PSX Doom, by Midway/Williams. E5M7: Original map from PSX Doom, by Midway/Williams. E5M8: Original map from PSX Doom, by Midway/Williams. E5M9: Original map from PSX Doom, by Midway/Williams.
Build time: An arbitrary period of months, off and on.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE, SLumpEd, ZDBSP
Bugs: A few sky artifacts and slight misalignments are present when using Eternity, but these are very minor and not easily fixable without vastly changing the layout of the area. Nothing serious.
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