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Mayhem Mansion
Trailer: In early 2013, I watched a video of an obscure FPS game called "Exploding Lips", a game that pretty much made no sense and pretty much sucked. Yet for some reason I liked it anyways, so I decided to make something insp...Date:01/10/14
Size:20.46 MB

Like any good employee I have installed DB at work and so when I get bored I do a little editing. This little level is a product of boredom at work over the last few months. It's nothing spectacular... at all. It's just a short episode 1 style level,...Date:06/23/07
Size:62.38 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Old map for Doom 1....Date:06/21/14
Size:811.5 KB

Size:733.52 KB
Author:Jacob 'ellmo' Zuchowski

Meretricious Plunge
One new level with a hellish theme, similar to bits of Episode2 and Episode3. This was originally supposed to be a contribution for DarkHaven's megawad project which was codenamed X-DOOM... Sadly, that project died, despite the fact that my map for i...Date:04/07/07
Size:158.01 KB
Author:Eugene Sloupsky a.k.a. DarkJedi188

the Precipice (an EDGE map pack)
(Set the mood here but put any long story at the end)...Date:10/01/21
Size:2.91 MB
Author:MidnightMage, Compy286, Obake

Monroe's Killer
Single map for Doom. Limit-removing Story: Dr. Monroe was once a highly regarded professor, but rumor has it he started delving into the dark arts and experimenting with demons. He hasn't been seen in some time and his last known location was his h...Date:09/08/21
Size:113.58 KB
Author:TheGreenZap aka Paul J. Beel

This is a complete episode 2 replacement for DOOM. It's a compilation of all my previously released Shores of Hell themed pwads. I haven't just settled on compiling them into one pwad and leaving it at that. Instead each map has been through hours an...Date:09/25/15
Size:1.32 MB
Author:Chris Hansen

Mansion Of Time
This wad was originally created for an ancient project called the 9th Gate. It has been about 5 years in the making and I finished this level like 3 years ago! (It took a long time, but I finally finished it and was pleased with it). I've replayed ...Date:10/06/04
Size:86.85 KB
Author:Lexus Alyus

Withered Dimension
An episode of difficult Ultimate maps created for Nanowadmo 2019. When playing thism please turn on freelook as well as turn ON shadowmaps. Thank you....Date:06/20/21
Size:1.47 MB

Under Neith
A sequel to Neith.wad. The title was suggested by NiGHTMARE. The theme kind of goes all over the place. I spent over a year on this map so maybe it isn't all that consistent. It's kind of an experimental design, and maybe it's ugly. I've spent too lo...Date:01/24/05
Size:684.58 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

A map I started in early 2014 before Uplift. I never completed this map until Datacore asked for a secret map for Hatred Removed ep2 (it explains the map number) but he had to cancel so I realease the map here. It's a 2 minutes ep1 style based map ...Date:10/04/14
Size:102.58 KB
Author:Gwenvael Le Bihan (subject_119)

No Hope For Life Epsiode 1: Back To the Fight.
Size:752.32 KB
Author:Andy Leaver -Project Leader. Pablosky Jay Townsend

Nitro's Chex Quest
This is the final version of Nitro's Chex Quest. This is designed for the DOS version of Chex Quest which can be found online as freeware....Date:07/26/12
Size:315.79 KB
Author:Cory Scott (Nitroactive Studios)

bee hive 3D
your misson is to break into bee hive headquaters and drink all the honey...Date:06/18/13
Size:174.55 KB

In 2010 I released an E1 replacement for DOOM called Phobos Massacre. I was relatively inexperienced as a mapper at that time, and it really shows in the levels, which are quite bad. I initially wanted to come back to this old mapset and just see i...Date:01/31/15
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Stormwalker a.k.a. Vordakk

Of Demons And Men
A modern remake of one of my very first maps....Date:05/02/04
Size:280.32 KB

The Outer Darkness
This map is heavily inspired by Episode 4 of The Ultimate Doom, especially E4M1 and E4M6. It was originally made for a project called The Ninth Gate that never saw the light of day. Most of it was made (on and off) during 2001-03 using DoomCAD (...Date:08/01/07
Size:380.36 KB
Author:Varun Abhirama Krishna

This doom was is a narration/game play of doom with a mix of 2001 A Space Odyssey. Although this game only features some of aspects of 2001: A Space Odyssey, It connects some main features of the movie into the game, including Hal. This slow paced ga...Date:12/19/17
Size:7.31 MB
Author:Daniel Cervantes

Rumble in the Office
My biggest Doom level until now. "You are the new janitor of an UAC complex. You have been hired to keep it clean, because you are the best at your job. Your first day, and a full demonic invasion just happened. You are being paid to clean, so i...Date:05/06/16
Size:133.85 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Oculus Malus
SIGIL inspired map (e3m1) that I made in 4 months. Has a straight forward gameplay with one part being a small puzzle....Date:12/03/19
Size:390.03 KB

The Oozing Affair
Nine maps using Chex Quest resources for E1 of Ultimate Doom....Date:07/10/11
Size:4.06 MB

Beyond Horrible!
Taking place where a new nightmare ended. The player now finds him self on Venus! You must fight your way through the Venus base and find out what the hell is going on.........Date:01/26/08
Size:889.11 KB

Outbreak of Evil
Levels were released back in 2013, but were reworked in 2017-2019...Date:05/02/19
Size:988.48 KB

Outpost HW
A Doom 1 map in techbase style. 13 secrets to find and 280 monsters in UV. About 7 minutes if not blind on any%....Date:02/03/16
Size:144.82 KB
Author:Topi Hattukangas

THe Outer Base
Ultimate/Doom wad. Very much an "old skool" affair, with gobs of bad guys and as little to fight them off with as possible ;D...Date:07/08/06
Size:81.72 KB

Overrun Facility
//******// I wanted to make a level inspired by the corridors of the original E1M7 from Ultimate Doom. //*********//...Date:05/14/17
Size:76.83 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

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