Title: Deathless (v1.1)
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/megawads/deathless.zip
Size: 1.68 MB
Date: 12/01/18
Author: Jimmy
Description: A speedily-done Ultimate Doom megawad.

The 27 layouts for the three new episodes were first blocked out starting midnight 1st Nov. The 27th map was thingplaced and balanced at about midnight on 10th Nov, so the total build time for this is 9 days. A number of days after release were spent on finding bugs and balancing the maps for single and co-op play.

No jumping or crouching (enforced). Freelook allowed.

As with this mapset's predecessor Griefless, ***A LIMIT-REMOVING PORT IS RECOMMENDED***. Chocolate Doom may not handle some of these maps, and is completely untested.

Crispy Doom is recommended for the best experience while playing this.

The difficulty of the set is also fairly easy-going, particularly early on. For extra challenge if desired, the author recommends adding -fast and/or -solo-net to the command line.
Credits: Big thanks to Ryath for organizing "NaNoWADMo" and giving me an excuse to be a bastard by pulling crap like this out of the ether in substantially less than the month that was allotted.

Special thanks to Alfonzo and Fuzzball for a fun co-op testing session, and to all those who provided feedback and demos in the thread and the NaNoWADMo discord.

Thanks also to TeamTNS for hosting this on Thursday Night Survival two weeks running!

Endless thanks to id Software and Bethesda for officially sanctioning this mapset and featuring it as an add-on for the new PC/console port of Doom! So cool.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Nov 1st-10th for first RC, rest of month for testing and fixing. A few months in 2020 for getting it ready for release on the Bethesda port.
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder, SLADE, Paint.NET for new graphics
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