Title: Doom the Way id Did - The Lost Episodes
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/megawads/dtwid-le.zip
Size: 3.66 MB
Date: 03/20/16
Author: Various
Description: Six episodes of classic Doom maps, originally candidates for last year's "Doom the Way Id Did", arranged in an episodic format.

DTWID was a long but fruitful journey, with somewhere around a hundred map submissions in total. Given the strictness of the rules, most of the maps cut were not done so for reasons of quality. On their own they're quite solid maps, deserving their own showcase. This collection, while not 100% complete, contains the vast majority of submissions to the project.

Episodes 1-3 are an alternate take on the idea of Doom the Way Id Did, three sets of maps arranged to mimic id's original episodic styles. Several maps in these sets were very close contenders to the main project, excluded only because of withdrawals or episode length limits. You may be hard- pressed to find a difference in quality!

Episode 4 follows partially in the same vein, with several maps that mimic the style of id's "Thy Flesh Consumed" and hell-themed levels filling out the rest of the roster.

Episode 5, "Base Instinct", is a "bonus" episode of E1/E2-style maps, and can be thought of as an alternate take on the Phobos / Deimos story. The episode can be accessed in the main game menu with either ZDoom or Eternity. For vanilla or other ports, running DTWID-E5.wad will load E5's maps in place of E1's.

Episode 6, "The Final Gate", is a ZEternity- exclusive "Boss Rush" episode consisting of E*M8 candidates. No separate wad is provided, as MAPINFO is required to make the boss exits work, though the individual maps are vanilla compatible for those willing to put the maps in the correct slots.
Credits: Project Founder: Hellbent

"Lost Episode" organizer: Xaser (the lazy barstid!)

Artist: Kracov (TITLEPIC)

Mappers: 40oz, Alfonzo, C3ON9, Captain Toenail, Mr. Chris, Daimon, Doomhero85, Ellmo, Foodles, Hellbent, Hobomaster, Mr. Freeze, Matt534dog, Marcaek, Marnetmar, Megasphere, MithranDenizen, NaturalTvventy, Phobosdeimos1, Shadesmaster, Taedium, UltimateLorenzo, XenoNemesis

Random Testing: Esselfortium (v1 playtesting) rhinoduck (tons o' fixes) All the fine folk who played the wad on ZDaemon TNS. Whoop!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Years in the making. Longer counting Xaser's period of compile-idleness.
Editor(s) used: Various
Rating: (18 votes)
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Getsu Fune
great megawad for those with lots of time to kill.x
Beautifully crafted levels that pay a good tribute to the Ultimate Doom, while providing interesting twists on the levels, many of which add a nice challenge to the set and boss encounters.x
True to Doom 1, including the ridiculously easy difficulty level. Enabling 2x monster damage is recommended. Episode 6 is a compilation of boss fight maps and completely skippable. 4* for eps 1-5, 2* for ep6.x

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