Title: Switcheroom: The Forgotten Maps
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/megawads/srforgot.zip
Size: 734.1 KB
Date: 04/07/17
Author: Various
Description: During the development of Switcheroom there were 18 additional maps made for the project that were rejected for various reasons. Such as not resembling the original map, making the incorrect map, or being replaced with a better submission.

The Forgotten maps is not intended to be played continuously. The ZMAPINFO will pistol start you at the beginning of the next map when you reach the exit.

E2M5 & E2M7 have secret exit locations, but they act as normal exits
Credits: Death Egg, Jaws In Space & Magnusblitz for making Switcheroom. Jaws In Space for compiling The Forgotten maps, making the intermission text graphics & dehacked. Death Egg for making the ZMAPINFO & EMAPINFO. Magnusblitz for the TITLEPIC & CREDITS graphics
Base: New from scratch, based on the original IWAD maps
Build time: March 2013 to October 2014. Compiled March 2017
Editor(s) used: Various
Bugs: Only partial Eternity support
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