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An episode replacement for E1 of Ultimate Doom. The story is included in Story.html...Date:01/02/03
Size:5.9 MB
Author:Chris Lutz of The Chaos Crew

Explore a familiar retail store in an unfamiliar setting....Date:12/21/17
Size:1.91 MB
Author:Jonny Hopkins

Hell Keep Remake
Remake of Hell Keep which is a much more realistic design than the original map. I made this from scratch using complete memory and nothing is modified from the original. The map is designed to look more like a real keep than a rather stupid sand cas...Date:02/19/07
Size:86.19 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Parallel Dimension 1.8
Size:949.63 KB
Author:The Parallel Team

Simply Phobos
Simply Phobos is an Episode 1 replacement for Doom. This is an upgrade that fixes a few bugs from the original release and has improved music....Date:02/24/10
Size:777.33 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf), Kristian Aro (Nebula)

Death Tormention 3, complete Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom. If you thought the original Death Tormention episodes were hard, well think again!. DT3 takes Ultimate Dooming to an all new level when it comes to challenge, architecture and game...Date:12/13/05
Size:2.81 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis, Kristian Aro,

Some evil Outpost
A quick random speedmap I made out of sheer bordom on New Years day....Date:01/02/10
Size:24.04 KB

Phobos Massacre
A replacement for Episode 1 of DOOM, in E1 style. This wad is an attempt to capture the atmosphere of "Knee Deep in the Dead" and to evoke nostalgia in players who enjoyed the original DOOM levels. The maps are meant to be reminiscent of Episode 1 ...Date:05/26/10
Size:817.94 KB

The Phobos Directive
Nine-map hub based on previously released Phobos Revisited for doom.exe. New enemies, weapons upgrades, music, inventory items, powerups, graphics, sounds, etc. The game is mission-driven and has multiple objectives. A real-time mission roster helps ...Date:11/22/11
Size:28.58 MB
Author:The Persecution Complex

Phobos: Small
Size:31.46 KB

DOOM: The Phobos Incursion (Version 1.10)
An episode for DOOM 1 which replaces Knee Deep In The Dead....Date:04/12/23
Size:351.74 KB
Author:Dave "Fat Angus" Billing

Deimos: The Damned Moon
A sequel to Phobos The Doomed Moon and part 2 In the trilogy....Date:04/06/19
Size:4.99 MB
Author:RustyGold, uploaded by Glaice

Phobos: The Doomed Moon
Oldschool early 2000's style of maps that Is meant to be played with ZDoom at screen resolution 320x200 to give it that old computer pixel look. But can use whatever engine you want, Maybe even use some mods with It, your choice. Alternate high qua...Date:06/04/18
Size:7.26 MB

Mini Doom
It's The Ultimate Doom... But smaller. Four one-map episodes, each "speed mapped" in 6-10 hours. Yes, my ambitions did get in the way a bit. Each map has all difficulties implemented, is single-player only and, for added flair, was mapped in a differ...Date:08/21/19
Size:315.76 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Episode 4 is my favorite episode of Ultimate Doom, so I decided to start making my own mapset for it. I originally planned to make all 9 maps but unfortunately work got in the way, so here we are with 4 (Technically 5) maps....Date:07/09/15
Size:262.17 KB

Phobos Strike
The old Phobos map I did back in January....Date:10/06/05
Size:254.37 KB

Size:200.48 KB
Author:TaxMaN (Pichusoft)

Path to Hell
Path to Hell is a middle/big level, it takes around 30 minutes, hope you like it :)...Date:03/15/15
Size:180.88 KB
Author:Michele Molducci

Project Titan Remastered
Project Titan is an idea me and my friend Brandon came up with where you start off on the moon of Saturn called Titan where once again UAC is up to their old trick experimenting with Demons and teleportation. The levels were originally for Brutal Doo...Date:03/03/24
Size:498.25 KB
Author:Dylan Jarvis

Quarantine Breach
A single map replacement for UDoom, made during a spark of inspiration in using the "containment area" theme....Date:10/24/16
Size:60.92 KB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

Run And Shoot
This is an action level....Date:10/23/06
Size:134.71 KB
Author:Hannes Müller

This is my first serious(?) WAD. It started a long time ago (1998), when I decided to make something more serious than TsotsoFX (Which got a rather "funny" review at doomworld ;) I started with Deu, with a theme of a base inside a rocks and caves, th...Date:02/22/05
Size:238.66 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

Doom Redemption
A 'tribute' to Doom 1. All the styles of episodes 1, 2, 3 (and even 4) squished into a 9 map episode. This wad doesn't use any ZDoom features that are not seen in the original doom, except for HUD messages at the start of each level, and of course ...Date:10/22/03
Size:3.19 MB

Phobos Reloaded E1M1
Phobos Reloaded was originally going to be a megawad remake of E1. I never got around to it too much and only completed this one map before trashing the project. It was originally planned for Vanilla (and runs fine with it too) but you're better off ...Date:10/31/07
Size:366.99 KB

Retribution: Part I
My very first WAD and mod project. It took me a very long time and was often slow and painful but I did my very best to make this possible. The WAD contains a huge, non-linear map that focuses on atmosphere and exploration. It was made for Doom 1 bec...Date:05/11/16
Size:14.17 MB
Author:Fenes Octavian - Romulus (DooM_RO)

Romero's UV E1 LMP recordings
This is a set of recordings John Romero did for the last day of the "E1 Week" at Since the link to the demos has been dead for a long time and I got no reply from bigdog (the doomcenter webmaster) I decided to upload them, as people w...Date:11/08/02
Size:304.99 KB
Author:John Romero (but uploaded by myk)

Inspired by a reoccuring Nightmare... Seriously. I designed this level to match what occurred in my dream. It definately captures the tone and dread I felt. After designing the inital hallways, I took some creative detours in hopes of making th...Date:04/04/20
Size:1.71 MB
Author:Dave Wright "Magic Dave"

Ultimate Doom episode with 9 levels which run in episode 4...Date:01/26/23
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

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