Title: The Phobos Directive
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/p-r/phobos-g.zip
Size: 28.58 MB
Date: 11/22/11
Author: The Persecution Complex
Description: Nine-map hub based on previously released Phobos Revisited for doom.exe. New enemies, weapons upgrades, music, inventory items, powerups, graphics, sounds, etc. The game is mission-driven and has multiple objectives. A real-time mission roster helps you to navigate the hub. Extensive use of GZDooM features. Replayability features: Several maps in the hub can be played through in any order; In many areas, the type of ammo, weapon upgrades, and enemies you encounter will change with the weapons you have
Credits: Rachel 'Eruanna' Alexanderson, who served as Technical Advisor Virtue for stock DooM brightmaps Captain Toenail for lights-in-water code Team Future for objectives code in RTC-3057 NeuralStunner, others on ZDooM forums

Graf Zahl, Randy Heit, id Software
Base: E1M1 is from scratch; core areas of E1M2 through E1M9 are based on Phobos Revisited.
Build time: 2 years, off and on. Mostly off.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor for map-building; XWE, SlumpEd for lump editing work; zwadconv for converting Phobos Revisited to ZDooM format;
Bugs: None
Rating: (52 votes)
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