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Lost Sanctum
A difficult episode 4 style map. I tried to use some episode 4 visual themes as well as some new ones....Date:03/22/13
Size:134.65 KB

Star Portal Crisis Demo
I'm working on a project called Star Portal Crisis. I thought making a Legacy type thing would be cool. I came up with this....Date:08/07/02
Size:18.06 KB

Attack on Seitis
This is a 6-level PWAD for The Ultimate Doom, each are on Knee Deep In The Dead. The story is that the UAC finds the 9th planet of the Solar System and decides to set up a base on it, only to realise too late that this planet belonged to hell. The ba...Date:07/03/20
Size:1.18 MB

Setebos Station
Welcome to Setebos Relay Station, a UAC base perched on a tiny moon in the butt end of nowhere. Looks like we have lost contact with the base... again. I'm sure its nothing, but you know the drill....Date:07/02/13
Size:74.13 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

Sewers Remake V2.3
You need to load doom.wad before this one otherwise some textures will be missing. A limit-removing remake of Sewers (E1M10) made by David Calvin in 1994. Remake partly inspired by SgtMarkIV's Sewers....Date:06/10/17
Size:474.3 KB
Author:Thenuke - Alia Immortalis

Shotgun Symphony
An oldschool mapset for E1 of Ultimate Doom, in the combined E1/E2 style of Fava Beans, but much more violent. Mapset is optimized for pistol start, though there are occasional goodies for continuous players. Every map exits directly into the next, c...Date:01/07/19
Size:2.14 MB
Author:Steve Duff aka Steve D

Shock 'Em Down
A Doom level. Bloody well looks like it too....Date:05/29/01
Size:297.98 KB

The Shores of Russia
Three authors, three limit removing maps. Welcome to the shores of Russia. e2m1 - Chaingunner e2m2 - joe-ilya e2m3 - Memfis...Date:11/02/17
Size:338.9 KB
Author:Chaingunner, Joe-Ilya, Memfis

Initially started as a pure shotgun gameplay map. Only providing the shotgun weapon (although I also added the chaingun now because the enemies are too much) and hordes of monsters that take one shot to get down. Then I also tried my level design ide...Date:02/14/09
Size:227.57 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

Sifting Through the Ashes
A .WAD for DOOM with the intent of showing off my take on DOOM's level design capabilities. The intent is to create a full DOOM experience, containing a full episode's worth of content over the original first episode, while adding in some new assets ...Date:12/20/17
Size:5.21 MB

Baphomet was only doing Satan's bidding by placing a powerful sigil in the teleporter out of E4M8 to bring you back to Hell. Somehow they didn't understand that you're the reason they failed in the first place. It's time to trash the place with you...Date:05/31/19
Size:2.97 MB
Author:John Romero

Green Tech
This is a simple old school Ultimate Doom map....Date:04/06/19
Size:40.3 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Small doom1 E1 episode
Mainly E1-style shooter level, not impossible, a bit harder than the original E2...Date:02/07/08
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

Snowballs' Chance .... (DooM I)
Large, open map that features plenty of room to maneuver as well as tight battles....Date:07/31/11
Size:323.91 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

A Containment Area-inspired level with an oldschool style that combines the original level's music and abundance of crates with a few surprises of its own. This is one of the first maps I ever completed and what I consider to be the first time I trul...Date:10/27/11
Size:49.45 KB
Author:Matthew C. (Chubzdoomer)

Solve Et Coagula
Classic E2 replacement...Date:09/07/23
Size:1.3 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

Sonata in D(oom1)
Classic techbase gameplay that everybody loves so much :^)...Date:07/20/21
Size:123.63 KB

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 1 "Wills must die!"
After your training, you are ready for your first mission. Your objective is to infiltrate Wills' house called "The jokewads factory" and assassinate him. But some surprises are waiting for you......Date:03/27/07
Size:508.51 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 2 "The Spammer"
In this mission you must kill a spammer who sent me an insulting e-mail. He lives in a huge condominium so you have to use only silenced weapons. The palace seems to be empty but......Date:04/18/07
Size:339.46 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 3 "The Drawer"
After two quite easy missions you must seize a drawer, who insulted me on WIP, because I want to kill him after a legal lawsuit. He lives in a well-defended fortress with his clever bodyguards (marines & zombies)....Date:05/17/07
Size:278.48 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 4 "The Trolls"
The trolls... the worst guys of internet... insulted and offended me at Doomworld forums. They obviously deserve to die!...Date:09/03/07
Size:1.12 MB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 5 "Hack into!"
I get banned from every Doom related forum. I do not know why. Perhaps moderators and administartors find me irritating. After some flamewars and my banishment, a strange thing happened: my enemies at ZDoom forums said that they received lots of unwa...Date:10/07/07
Size:603.28 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 6 "My killers"
I was killed many times. My killers deserve to die for their moronic wads. Then you have to jump out of the Pisa tower...Date:11/19/07
Size:598.6 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 7 "Glassyman's Nightmare"
Glassyman thought he had defeated Pcorf but he turned out not to be the real thing....Date:11/20/07
Size:660.1 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Gamarra's soul story: Prologue "Training camp"
You are in an UAC training camp. You have to find the boss. He'll hire you as his bountykiller only if you pass the tests. For more info about new weapons go to the end of this file....Date:03/15/07
Size:438.46 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

"Shooters are brown", I hear. Well, maybe since Quake they are, but Doom is actually a pretty colourful game. Just to prove it, here are nine new maps for Ultimate Doom, using only standard textures and flats, with no significant amounts of brown i...Date:09/11/19
Size:1.31 MB
Author:Adam Windsor / Capellan

An album cover with gameplay. Lots of ammo, almost no detailing whatsoever <3 All to celebrate the release of this game: Music track is "So Damn Soaked" also by me. Free to use in your own wads, credit Zan-zan-...Date:03/22/21
Size:30.96 KB

E1M5: Reincarnated
E1M5 Reincarnated is a remake of Doom 1 Episode 1 Mission 5 for the ZDoom engine aimed at making the map look more modern, while keeping the same flawless gameplay of the original. Whether or not I accomplished this is up to the people that play it. ...Date:08/15/04
Size:372.54 KB
Author:Agent Spork

SQud2 - The DethBog
My second Ultimate DOOM/DOOM1 WAD edit, this one an elaboration on an intriguing little DM map set in a nuke bog: nice one roomer with lots of slime....Date:08/14/99
Size:20.99 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

Stack Domination
"Stack Domination" is a singleplayer Boom compatible map. Preface: It was the biggest scandal of the year; the UAC, Union Aerospace Corporation, a powerhouse in spearheading expeditions on Mars, was revealed to have participated in both human exp...Date:08/01/13
Size:526.04 KB

Deadly Standards
A community made Episode 1 replacement for Ultimate Doom. The only limit given was to use the stock IWAD resources (graphics, sounds). The exception being a new midi/soundtrack. A list of maps with author descriptions and other info is at the bott...Date:02/28/18
Size:1.85 MB
Author:Various: See the text at the bottom for more info.

Deadly Standards 2
A community made Episode 2 replacement for Ultimate Doom, sequel of the (highly acclaimed?) Deadly Standards. Again, the only limitation is to create a map for Doom using only the stock assets (graphics, sounds, etc.), with the only expection of new ...Date:12/31/19
Size:2.38 MB
Author:Various: See the text at the bottom for more info.

Deadly Standards 3
A community made Episode 3 replacement for Ultimate Doom, sequel of the highly acclaimed Deadly Standards episodes. This time things gets a little change from the previous two installamnents with a new sky, a black void patch, a reskin of the origina...Date:08/04/21
Size:3 MB
Author:Various: See the text at the bottom for more info.

Deadly Standards 4
A community made Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom, sequel of the highly acclaimed and cacoward runner-up Deadly Standards episodic series. This time the classic stock assests theme got a rough deviation to more new assets, taken mostly from Al...Date:09/14/22
Size:2.91 MB
Author:Various: See the text at the bottom for more info.

Space Travel Is Boring
4 tech base maps for Doom....Date:06/19/21
Size:559.54 KB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)

Smite the Unholy
This level is a my entry for the Joy of Mapping 6 from December 2017. Since its a Boom format map and the JoM6 is a GZDoom set, I've decided to release the map on its own to make it accessible to other source ports. This episode 4 style map took me a...Date:06/06/20
Size:63.26 KB
Author:Jonathan Bergeron 'JBerg'

Sunder Quest
I took the first 5 levels of Sunder and ported them to Chex Quest 3. I had permission from Insane_Gazebo to release on to /idgames, but I did NOT create the original maps. I only wish I had that amount of skill....Date:09/12/11
Size:1.6 MB

Wow: Enhanced
Anyone remmeber wow.wad? Now you can relieve the Wow experience in new glory! With enhanced graphics, music, and storyline Wow: Enhanced will feel almost like a completely new experience compared to the original. Coop is even supported, so you can ex...Date:05/26/07
Size:2.01 MB

SomethingWrong?.WAD Unfinished
This is doom 1 remade from my memory but something is wrong. This is supposed to replace all of the levels but this is unfinished so it just replace the first chapter....Date:06/18/23
Size:5.09 MB

Two maps set on the first ukrainian space station. I took the title from a hentai manga because I couldn't come up with anything....Date:06/21/14
Size:110.78 KB

The Descent of Evil
A replacement for Episode 1 of Ultimate Doom, it also contains 3 more levels, not connected to the main episode. Maps are pretty big, with high monster counts. However, the episode isn't really hard - this is nice journey, when you play it in a singl...Date:06/20/21
Size:1.44 MB
Author:Kamil "TOVA" Czajka

TechBase 1
Yay first map :P Edit 10.10.2007: After over a year, I've decided I might as well release this, since it's unlikely I'll ever make another map. The area outside the window that was supposed to be the starting area for the next map will stay the poi...Date:10/10/07
Size:165.87 KB
Author:Przemysław "Belial" Woda

Teleportation Test Lab #13
You receive a frantic message from High Command, informing you that one of the UAC labs which has been experimenting with teleportation technology has been overrun with hellspawn. Intelligence indicates that the location's warpgate has a direct link ...Date:06/30/10
Size:194.69 KB

"Alright soldier, listen up: There is an army coming from the Mars base, we still do not know what it wants but we do know what they are and what they did. This army is responsible for the slaughter of some of the UAC's finest! Their first target i...Date:12/16/13
Size:153.31 KB

An Episode 2 map that's chock-full of laser-saturated, demon-munching action. This level is about 20 minutes long, so a cut version has been provided in the E2M3 slot for people who don't like long maps. For the best possible experience, make sure ...Date:04/13/20
Size:517.97 KB
Author:Jeff Shark (Marnetmar)

TsotsoFX deluxe
This is a sort of remaster of my classic crap TsotsoFX. It's still crap but less so. I have fixed texture alignment at places, added new sky and music and map names, teleports to backtrack or save your from inescepable pits, new details and rooms add...Date:07/17/21
Size:633.04 KB

Size:98.16 KB

A small little WAD I did out of boredom. It is my first one....Date:03/25/03
Size:54.82 KB

Three Level WAD
Three levels for Ultimate Doom, nothing fancy...Date:11/14/10
Size:204.23 KB

Thy Infernal
Large map with classic/demonic style that is NOT as linear as it may look like at first... but see for yourself :-)) The "history" of this map: - started building in january 2001 with DoomED 4.20 - built about 40 percent of map with this editor -...Date:10/30/05
Size:124.62 KB

Tides of Sin
Size:45.3 KB
Author:Dr. Sam Kendrick Ellis III, M.D.

The Refinery
A reinterpretation or remake of Doom's original E2M3, heavily inspired by KDiZD. The whole map has been enlarged, restructured, new areas have been added, old ones enhanced and the whole thing has been turned into something more real and creepy. Expe...Date:09/06/12
Size:26.94 MB

The 8 Trials
Size:48.3 KB

Tribute Quilt (1.0.1)
Tribute Quilt is a community project intended to celebrate Doom's anniversary. The map consists of 36 1024x1024 segments, worked on by 28 different people (Some made more than segment). Each segment is based off a particular Ultimate Doom map - some ...Date:08/08/23
Size:659.45 KB
Author:Community Map

Terror Within: An E2 Replacement
A complete Episode 2 replacement for the original Doom. Made this a long time ago & retouched with DB, so the quality is on par with 1994....Date:03/25/06
Size:214.43 KB
Author:Wills Hines

UAC Experiment
This level attempts to recreate that quintessential experience that Episode 1 of DOOM instilled in me....Date:11/07/00
Size:133.68 KB
Author:Hellbent (Jason Root)

UAC Jail
For ten years the whereabouts of the Doom Space Marine were unknown. Following Hell on Earth he simply vanished, leaving the Quake Marine to defend Earth from the forces of evil. In the year 2145 he finally returned, with the rank of Corporal, to do ...Date:02/27/10
Size:158.48 KB
Author:J.P. Grossman Tovi Grossman

UAC Nukage Refinery
A tech-style medium-size map...Date:07/02/05
Size:278.05 KB
Author:Leonardo "BuzzBomber" Venturelli
This is a UDMF format map of ORIGWAD.wad for reference purposes only....Date:05/23/09
Size:2.07 KB
Author:Chris Freund

Ultimate Doom Project Leftovers
Four levels for Ultimate Doom running on M1 of each episode, roughly in the original episode's style. Had planned on expanding but lost interest for now....Date:07/15/13
Size:160.59 KB

Ultra Dis
Hell's Colosseum, more or less....Date:02/22/14
Size:40.34 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Ultima Doom
This is an ultimate doom wad replacing thy flesh consumed. Featuring the pretty unique works of a life time. At this i actually came with ideas for these maps starting with inspiration from alien resurrection and final fantasy 8. And now with some un...Date:03/22/18
Size:8.21 MB

Ultimatum - Riding on the Backs of Giants
Ultimatum is a project that I've had in mind for several years now. Basically, every mapper was randomly given a limitation made up from over the years of mapping, and what you see here is the results! A small warning: the difficulty curve is pretty ...Date:07/05/16
Size:557.62 KB
Author:Death Egg, Dragonfly, joe-ilya, Libor_john66, Olroda, Pinchy, walter confalonieri

Ultimate Suck
My very first vanilla map, thrown together in about two evenings. You're in hell... probably. Can you get home? Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever, waste some dudes. This map is an attempt at making a laid-back relaxing id-style map you can beat even on UV w...Date:10/24/20
Size:56.01 KB

I didn't think the Tower of Babel wasn't so much of a tower so I decided to make a literal tower that you must ascend and battle your way up to reach the Cyberdemon at the very top. Be prepared for a long climb!...Date:02/17/14
Size:121.99 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

no challenge so toggle fastmonsters if you need...Date:06/21/14
Size:29.75 KB

A Big Underground level. Dark and scary. Well I think...Date:04/14/99
Size:1.18 MB
Author:shane ward

Undesired Reality
Started as a e4m1 remake but I went on with a standalone map that maintains a few known areas (revamped obviously)....Date:08/16/13
Size:5.92 MB

Two short episodes for Doom 1, constructed using textures from Lost Resources. Mappers were allowed to use complevel 9 as well as complevel 2 for the project....Date:01/04/23
Size:3.69 MB

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