Title: Gamarra's soul story: Mission 4 "The Trolls"
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/s-u/soulgam4.zip
Size: 1.12 MB
Date: 09/03/07
Author: Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman
Description: The trolls... the worst guys of internet... insulted and offended me at Doomworld forums. They obviously deserve to die!
Credits: Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens for the weapons; Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer for his cool texture pack "Too much brown"; John Corrado for the Pikachu skin; Daimon, Lupinx-kassman, Maes and Moti because they're good jurors and bountyhunters; Randy & Mandy for two sounds, one wall and one music; the authors of "The Monster Resource Wad"
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Almost 2 months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, SLumpEd, XWE
Bugs: 1.If you press the reload button and the magazine of MP40 and Ak-47 is already full, you'll lose a round without a good reason; 2.Thin slime trails
Rating: (58 votes)
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