Title: TechBase 1
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/s-u/techbas1.zip
Size: 165.87 KB
Date: 10/10/07
Author: Przemysław "Belial" Woda
Description: Yay first map :P

Edit 10.10.2007: After over a year, I've decided I might as well release this, since it's unlikely I'll ever make another map. The area outside the window that was supposed to be the starting area for the next map will stay the pointless detail that it is now :P

Main reason why I made this was to see how long it would take me to learn DB. I also wanted to try making a decently challenging map with DOOM's limited set of monsters. /edit
Credits: iD for DOOM, CodeImp for DB, Csabo for XWE, Marc Rousseau for ZenNode AgentSpork for the following line:

You're not supposed to start making good maps until after about 20 tries :(

#DMClub people for motivation, insight, testing and other assorted stuff.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 days
Editor(s) used: DB 1.66, XWE 1.15, ZenNode 1.2.1
Bugs: Occasional slimetrails, doors that refuse to play their sounds, some unwanted shadows in jDoom,
Rating: (23 votes)
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