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All for One - the First Co-op Only Episode
It seems that Mars wasn't the only world under attack from hell. Your squad of marines has been dispatched to a distant planet where Hell has established a beach- head. You awake from cryo-sleep to the realization that something has gone horribly wro...Date:05/26/95
Size:767.84 KB
Author:Chris Hill

All for One - the First Co-op Only Episode Single-player/deathmatch version
It seems that Mars wasn't the only world under attack from hell. Your squad of marines has been dispatched to a distant planet where Hell has established a beach- head. You awake from cryo-sleep to the realization that something has gone horribly wro...Date:05/26/95
Size:770.13 KB
Author:Chris Hill

Another Awsome DOOM PWAD (E2M1)
Another Awsome DOOM PWAD (E2M1) Play an action-packed NEW level for registered DOOM, Episode two, Mission one. Includes new sounds! Does not alter your DOOM.WAD.Just unzip in your DOOM directory and enter at the DOS prompt: AA21DOOM...Date:12/02/05
Size:73.27 KB

Another Awsome DOOM PWAD (E2M2)
Another Awsome DOOM PWAD (E2M2) Play an action-packed NEW level for registered DOOM, Episode two, Mission two. Does not alter your DOOM.WAD.Just unzip in your DOOM directory and enter at the DOS prompt: AA22DOOM...Date:12/02/05
Size:32.14 KB

This is an incomplete episode of four maps. See the original txt (in the zip and appended to this document) for comments on the individual maps....Date:03/03/06
Size:170.37 KB
Author:Oleg Tolstkhine and Alex Korobka

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
Your blasting away at a Cyberdemon when one of his mega-rockets homes in on you. The explosion is deafening and your senses go numb. What seams like seconds... well mabey hours later you shake your head and pull yourself up. Staring through a hole in...Date:12/31/94
Size:34.91 KB
Author:GEM This is my second attempt at a PWAD (Tricky.wad was my first). Again, nothing real fancy here. I

The Abandoned Base of Hellspawn
After going through just about every hellspawn you could go through, A message through your radio tells you to return to Phobos, because some hellspawn has been breaking stuff at the Phobos base. After killing everything in sight, you come to this le...Date:08/01/08
Size:39.56 KB

This pwad was written by Avery Lodato ( using deu5.0 and bsp1.0. It replaces E1M1. Designed for single player action, I would give it difficulty factor of around 7 on a scale of 1 to 10....Date:05/12/94
Size:34.72 KB
Author:Avery Lodato

Into The Abyss
"Into the Abyss" is my first attempt with lighting and is also an intro for a new episode I will work on. I put far more detail and work into it than I did with "Dead Zone," and retained some simplicity. I tired to create the classic doom experience,...Date:11/29/07
Size:34.39 KB
Author:Dan Ferro

The Abandoned Barracks
This is my VERY first PWAD... I didn't expect to make masterpieces such as OPOST21.WAD or UAC_DEAD.WAD in my first try, but for those who choose to give my level a shot, here's a brief summary of what to expect... It's an outdoors setting (quite s...Date:02/21/95
Size:68.29 KB
Author:Johnny Cheng

Ever wonder where all of those soldiers you :have to kill come from? Well, your curiosity :got the best of you, and you decided to find out. :Bad idea. :On a visit to the Aubrey Penhew Military Academy, :you were horrified to learn that the entir...Date:07/01/95
Size:1.03 MB
Author:Tony Bruno Eric Thorell (greatmus.wad) Whoever made BUTT.WAD

A_CASTLE.WAD was messed up. Sorry. This one should be OK, if not, send me e-mail and I'll repost. This is my first serious attempt. Its a castle complete with a two keeps, a moat, and towers of different height (different from rest of'...Date:05/18/94
Size:59.4 KB
Author:Dwight "Keoki" Victor

PC Zone Doom Level Creation Competition - The Finalists
Size:1.09 MB

As in my first level -- DANTE'S GATE -- I have tried in CROSSING ACHERON to achieve a gaming atmosphere that is not only fast-paced (once the fur starts to fly), but just plain creepy. Once again, I went for the aesthetics (you know: The Look); but t...Date:07/07/94
Size:44.63 KB
Author:John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)

This is CROSSING ACHERON for DOOM v. 1.666. I have updated some textures, added new monsters, and completely revamped and added whole new areas. This is the level as I originally intended it, and I hope that you enjoy it. As in my first level -- DA...Date:12/02/05
Size:56.92 KB
Author:John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)

This is a replacement wad for Episode 1, level 2. It has a few secret areas and only the shotgun to find. This makes the floor much more difficult, but I didn't want to pack a whole episode into one floor. :) The texturing is all lined up so you may ...Date:10/30/04
Size:14.87 KB
Author:Adam Brill

A full episode replacement for Doom Episode 3...Date:02/13/19
Size:367.73 KB
Author:Adam F. Smith

My First Adventure
My first DOOM adventure and excursion into using the DEU. This is an out and out shoot 'em up and is designed for single player mode, but it is set so that up to 4 can go at it. What makes this adventure interesting is the number of creatures involve...Date:03/03/06
Size:21.62 KB
Author:Phillip S. Pittz

Project: Recovery
A base has been lost and now it's your job to recover it. One hint, every big weapon is protected by large monster(s)....Date:04/05/95
Size:34.8 KB
Author:Eric Sambach

Deathmatch fun. Lots of multiple entrances to most areas. Great for doubling back on your opponent....Date:05/14/94
Size:32.4 KB
Author:Tim Scott

Alien Hideout
You went to sleep one night thinking that you had rid...Date:09/22/97
Size:54.6 KB

Akce Korian
8-level episode. See pribeh.htm (included in the zip) for information, images and story (in Czech)....Date:12/30/05
Size:539.49 KB
Author:to obtain permission to upload.

New design, great space, full ammos and lot of monsters. Not so difficult to end but be carefull. Feedback should be appreciated....Date:10/29/04
Size:43.83 KB
Author:Alain ARRAULT

The Cyberdemon's Realm
I'm truly fond of Doom, since its original release a number of years ago to this date (03/98), despite the brand new, all bells- and-whistles 3D games like Duke Nukem, Quake, Quake II, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen II, Rise of The Triad, Dark Forces, Tomb Ra...Date:04/28/98
Size:591.57 KB
Author:Valentin Albillo

OF GAME Alcatraz
Take back Alcatraz at all costs! P.S. I hope everyone enjoys my sick humor!...Date:11/02/95
Size:799.45 KB
Author:Lawrence Britt

Can you escape from the Phobos Alcatraz? You are charged with 1st degree alien murder from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd episodes!...Date:04/13/07
Size:17.72 KB
Author:Bobby Fosnot

Way Out and Still Doomed (all 9 missions)
These are all the missions in an all-new Episode 1, called "Way Out and Still Doomed"-- the mission titles, respectively, are: M1: "Foreward Hold" (f-hold.wad) M2: "Toxin Base" (t-base.wad) M3: "Power Plant" (p-plant.wad) M9: "THE ARMORY" (armory.wad...Date:09/04/95
Size:451.81 KB
Author:Jonathan K. L. Wood

All Hallow's Eve WAD
"It seems that pretty well all the possible themes have been exhausted given the large number of PWADS out there (and getting bigger every day). However, how's this: You're invited to a Hallowe'en party at a rather large research complex. As you ar...Date:11/07/21
Size:53.15 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

ALL or None!!!!! why Not?
A bunch of pretty tough levels I've been working on since Jan 95 and built mostly with Doomcad, because its What I learned on. I made a lot of little fixes with DCK and plan on using it from now on. :)...Date:09/07/95
Size:433.88 KB
Author:Matt Davis
This is a compilation of doom pwads gathered from bbs around the country. Others, like myself, after finishing doom a few times - in a number of different ways - were not content to wait for the new release. They, with the help of some excellant e...Date:09/04/95
Size:428.73 KB
Author:The Kid, The Lord, Blackfist

Bright & Shiny; Dark & Gloomy. Space to roam (unzipped = 890,000 bytes for 4 maps)....Date:11/10/94
Size:321.19 KB

-Doom 1, Episode 2 -8 new maps -No secrets -No secret level -Violent (of course) -Dangerous (of course)...Date:09/04/95
Size:342.68 KB

New level for DOOM based one the house in the game Alone In The Dark. It's designed to be played in Single player mode at difficulty level Hurt me plenty. At easier settings there are fewer monsters, and at harder settings you got more monsters to fr...Date:03/12/95
Size:76.16 KB
Author:Jonas Andersson

Alternative Speed! Demo
Size:75.08 KB

The DeathMatch Of The Century!
Size:28.31 KB
Author:Paul Johnson

Amateur Hour
This WAD is a 1-map romp through madness. the music literally gives me a headache as well...Date:10/31/22
Size:32.31 KB
Author:Eric "MadKamel" Rustrum

This started out as an experiment in learning DEU, and just grew into this .WAD file. It's got a little of everything a new DEU user would need to spend time figuring out, different doors, wall textures, steps, lifts and more. It's meant to replace E...Date:05/12/94
Size:26.4 KB
Author:Jeff Cochran

This is my first wad made for Doom , E1M1. Amazed.wad,because you start off in a maze, pretty obvious.. and also because I am amazed I did this! Story line... You are the first female sent to rescue your brother who is being held hostage, you m...Date:05/03/96
Size:76.86 KB
Author:Kris Garrison

First WAD. Started July '94, finished November '94. All weapons but BFG. Spider Demon. Barneys, I mean Barons. This WAD has a distinct anti-Barney theme. For maximum enjoyment please use the Barney or Barney and Clinton patch. These important patches...Date:11/26/94
Size:581.92 KB
Author:Larry Mulcahy
This is another homemade DOOM level, created using DEU 5.0. Enjoy!...Date:05/12/94
Size:29.9 KB
Author:Mattias Widmark

You need a medikit... bad. You know its location, but can you get to it without gittin' ambushed? This wad was designed for 2 or 3 player deathmatch. Lots of ways to sneak up on your opponent.... :-)....Date:02/12/13
Size:11.63 KB
Author:/Date Michael C. Davis - 9/94

These levels are the first I ever made. I had no one to help me learning things about the editor. It needed many hours to experience how to make functionable doors. Sometimes I tried some other functions like crushing ceilings if you want to press a ...Date:09/30/97
Size:406.87 KB

DOOMED to Run Amok v1.1
Waste the "BAD GUYS", what else?....Date:10/30/04
Size:164.6 KB
Author:David L. Davis

A huge wad (200K) with new E1M1 music (a distorted version of the original) and lots of weird stuff. A few secrets, some of which are very helpful, and well, you'll find out for yourself....Date:05/12/06
Size:72.57 KB
Author:Owen Robertson

Ander 2.0
Indoors and violent for DOOM! This is version 2 of my first wad ander.wad. I have changed some, added some, deleted some and kept some. The most important change is that this level now can be played in BOOM and prBOOM without any problems with my gla...Date:10/10/99
Size:103.99 KB
Author:Magnus Ander

This is just a level I put togethor in a couple of...Date:09/15/97
Size:7.19 KB

Trigger Happy
E2M1 :- Trigger Happy !! This level is a semi-hard, very brain tasking level, it is the sort of level that you rip your hair out trying to find the secret doors/rooms, keys, etc., very bloodthirsty, if you like kick'n DEMON BUTT, this level is for ...Date:09/11/94
Size:498.49 KB
Author:Andy Horne

An E1M3 Level
A Level that was originally made for a megawad (but got too complicated so I decided to release this level alone. (since it was the only decent level, in my opinion). This is my second released wad....Date:12/30/03
Size:157.62 KB

Gates of Anguish
After a weekend of R&R, you return to your base to find your unit has not returned from routine maneuvers on Mars. Upon checking in with your CO, you find him a changed person. He only moans, "Despair, Despair, Why did it have to be Despair." Your co...Date:10/30/04
Size:60.01 KB
Author:David L. Farrington

Annex Of Death
Ah...Help!! I'm stuck in Hell And you gotta get me out!...Date:07/17/94
Size:7.13 KB
Author:Ryan McGrail

Deimos Anomaly
An E1 replacement that I made, it's on RC6.9, so I've gotta release it here now....Date:11/20/22
Size:425.78 KB

The Anomaly: Part II
This is my first level (there is no prequel), so don't expect too much....Date:05/19/01
Size:68.89 KB
Author:Varun Abhirama Krishna

A Nukage River Runs Through It
Ahhhh... Earth. After that last mission, you deserve a little time off by golly. So you cringe when the vidphone sounds. But... vacation... you try to explain. They promise that you'll have your vacation after you check out the reports of "s...Date:12/31/94
Size:57.9 KB

Perdition's Anteroom
This is a somewhat large level, so named for its central room with the large spiral staircase, replete with divers* weapons and sundry monsters. All secret doors have slight texture offsets, and there's a computer map behind one of them. I included e...Date:07/27/94
Size:48.48 KB
Author:Evan H. Bynum

"Anthell replaces E3M1 and is a totally new and very challenging, fairly large Doom level, containing most monsters and all weapons (if you can find them:-). It can be played as a single or multiplayer game. When you are successful it sets you up for...Date:11/07/21
Size:63.15 KB
Author:Anthony Ball

This wad is based on the student center and campus pub at the Univ. of California, Irvine (U.C.I). This is the anthill pub that went $235,000 dollars in debt selling beer on a college campus? How? Unknown. As far as I can tell, the cybode...Date:07/21/94
Size:35.97 KB

The Dungeon of Aoxozoxoa
This WAD is based on an AD&D campaign that serveral of my friends and I played for about three years. Aoxozoxoa was one of two wizards who escaped from a high security wizard's prison in the Crimson Empire. A party of experienced adventurers was hire...Date:11/19/94
Size:54.1 KB
Author:Geoffrey Oliver

The Aphexius mines
The Aphexius mines takes you on a ride to the pit of hell, down to the depths of the moon of Deimos, A moonwide clean up of all the dead bodies from the Deimos base is in operation, unfortunately, the clean up crew didn't anticipate the danger of the...Date:08/20/95
Size:48.62 KB
Author:Stuart D. Smith

The Apocalypse Project
Size:544.61 KB
Author:Daniel Hornbaker

The Apocalypse
This is an old-style Doom 1 map....Date:05/07/00
Size:22.81 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The Apocalypse Part 2
This is an old-style Doom 1 map....Date:05/10/00
Size:30.93 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The Apocalypse Part 3
This is an old-style Doom 1 map....Date:05/10/00
Size:55.8 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The Apocalypse Part 4
This is an old-style Doom 1 map....Date:05/22/00
Size:33.9 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The Apocalypse Part 5
This is an old-style Doom 1 map....Date:05/29/00
Size:33.63 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom...Date:08/18/15
Size:501.88 KB

Ask Questions Later
A one level "traditional" wad, all weapons are included so keep an eye open. Don't use cheats or extra non-traditional DOOM gameplay features (such as jump or crouch)....Date:09/13/01
Size:103.16 KB
Author:Alejandro "Dooks" Duque

I got the idea for this wad while playing Ledges. It is built primarily for deathmatch, and has all the weapons. The rocket launcher is at the top of an "eagle's nest" type of tower. Hence the name, which is the genus of the Golden Eagle. To get the ...Date:10/13/95
Size:37.68 KB
Author:Daniel Jenkins

The evil Spider Mother has made her lair in a Holy Church and turned it into a place of Supreme Evilness....Date:11/01/95
Size:76.09 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans (all the editing and design work) and Holger Nathrath (testing & comment)

Area 53 (area53.wad)
(This takes place during the events of Doom I) UAC has found something else on Phobos. It's another complex, with 4 buildings. You were sent to investigate, and found an alien base. You nickname it Area 53 (Area 51.. same kind of thing.. :)...Date:08/27/98
Size:77.2 KB
Author:Adam Jacob Czarnecki

Area_Hidden Death2
My first and probably not last WAD. Just a level I drew up late one night when I couldn't sleep. My levels WILL get better as I learn how to better use the level editor I have chosen. ---Hint--- There are some secret areas you must pass through to co...Date:08/05/02
Size:24.11 KB

It is a simple WAD, it is not too large and not too difficult, but you have only some ammo. Enjoy!!!...Date:11/08/03
Size:3.85 KB
Author:Bruno Vergilio

An hard deathmatch for hard marines with an hidden exit, tons of ammo for tons of monsters (demons, barons, spiders & cyber assholes ). PLAY IT WITH -altdeath option...Date:01/20/95
Size:4.82 KB
Author:Roberto "SATCH" Sanna

A big Arena for Multiplayer with much enemies to kill (really)...Date:02/12/13
Size:18.3 KB
Author:Philipp Nieder

Sons of Ares
Episode 1 replacement for Doom 1 Play-tested only with pistol starts Not balanced for continuous play Multiplayer Things exist but NOT playtested Damaging flats are consistent across maps In 320x200 distant shootable switches can be hard to see Infin...Date:01/04/18
Size:513.37 KB

The armory! What a perfect place to end up. So damn many hell spawn around, now you can mop them up! Be careful, security is tight and there are measures to keep the weapons safe. With some skill you can get to them and take care of business....Date:09/16/94
Size:62.48 KB
Author:Doug Branch

Dark and Moody vanilla-compatible E1 replacement for The Ultimate Doom....Date:06/07/23
Size:806.07 KB
Author:Chris Kendell aka Somniac

The Artifact Version 2.1
You've been to hell and back, now it's MILLER time! Unfortunately the officer you pounded earlier is now your new CO. Guess who gets the next S**T detail? While boarding the drop ship, you find out some strange goings-on are happening at a UAC facili...Date:09/27/04
Size:417.27 KB
Author:Paul Schmitz

A rush of blood to the head
A new map for Ultimate Doom, simulating a building, with some Doom2 textures. This isn't an easy level -play it in Ultraviolence and fight all those Cacodemons!-, and requires some time to beat it....Date:03/30/06
Size:105.14 KB
Author:Oswaldo``Joaquin´´ Zuniga

The Ascent
My best PWAD yet. Textures are matched (mostly) and the bugs are next to minimal....Date:04/18/95
Size:72.77 KB

Welcome to ASDOOM, nine new levels for registered DOOM (effectively a whole new episode). The files that are in this archive are all that you need to extend your enjoyment of DOOM for many, many more hours! To make life as easy as possible ...Date:02/16/95
Size:289.19 KB
Author:Andy Sheppard

Ash Cave
Full Episode 1 replacement. I won't take too much of your time. Should be an easy review....Date:05/03/09
Size:12.62 KB

Assault on the Demons
The cargo compartment of your shuttle lands with a crack on the...Date:03/03/97
Size:117.06 KB
Author:Anthony Uzilov

REVENGE OF ASMODEOUS Episode One - Mission One
Play DOOM D&D style! This is Episode One - Mission One of a whole new DOOM Adventure...Date:04/13/07
Size:27.57 KB

REVENGE OF ASMODEOUS Episode One - Mission Two
REVENGE OF ASMODEOUS Play DOOM D&D style! This is Episode One - Mission Two of a whole new DOOM Adventure This is the second level of "Revenge Of Asmodeous". Unlike the First level this one was designed as a Single Player Only. Due to the sequentia...Date:04/13/07
Size:32.29 KB

This is the first level in a new 7 level episode, assent to heaven straight oughta hell....Date:10/30/04
Size:26.01 KB
Author:Mike Albanese

This is my first .WAD (besides a tiny one that I released some time ago with DCK.) I think you'll like it .. it's pretty original =) Some of the traps in the level prevent it from being playable in multi-player mode, so I'd suggest that you just tr...Date:09/22/08
Size:53.45 KB
Author:Ben Morris

Atica, The Escape.
Man, you've done it now. You not only hit your commanding officer, you blew his friggin' head off! Your sentence: Death, by gas chamber. You will be held at Atica maximium security prison. You have 1 hour before that sentence is carried out. Alone, y...Date:07/01/94
Size:35.96 KB
Author:Brett Meyer; High School Student

Here's my (mostly) successful attempt at a PWAD. Now, I'm not saying that this is up there with Megawatt.Wad, but I feel that it is an enjoyable experience nonetheless. If you would like to receive the second episode of the Atlantis levels via e-mail...Date:04/13/07
Size:17.55 KB
Author:William (Bill) Lachance

A DOOM pwad file with a really sneaky barrel puzzle...Date:05/12/94
Size:15.87 KB
Author:Steve Taylor

For years, scientists have played around with teleports and such, but now, one scientist, considered to be insane, has made what we thought was mad. He found a gateway between time, a "Time Slip". This allows you to travel back in time, and then come...Date:06/25/97
Size:647 KB
Author:Justin Madigan

This level is based on my work place. Its pretty accurate except for the northern part of the building. I took an artistic detour here, there would have been too many 2 sided linedefs in this area with all the machinery. This level is huge! Really Bi...Date:07/01/94
Size:99.04 KB
Author:Bradley Allen

UAC's Auditorium
Based very loosely on the floor plan of the Singapore Press Holdings auditorium...Date:03/18/97
Size:11.67 KB

Aurora 1.0
A DOOM level....Date:05/01/04
Size:30.62 KB
Author:Ky Ma

Auxiliary Base (E1M2)
This is an early style "tech base" map for DOOM 1, made in 2015. It was meticulously detailed and should be aesthetically pleasing to those who are not sick of the tech base theme. Think of it as a nostalgic ode to the early DOOM experience. A l...Date:07/09/15
Size:200.25 KB

Just a wad from me :-)...Date:05/18/09
Size:180.95 KB

Deathmatch. Need I say more? Mail me your favorite slaying spot!...Date:05/12/94
Size:26.95 KB
Author:John Lindsey

This is my first and only wad. The theme is evident in the title....Date:10/02/94
Size:35.8 KB
Author:Joshua William Underhill

I hope you enjoy this wad file. It is my second real effort at constructing a level. Have at it. Enjoy the maiming and killing. The level is named after the song "A Whiter Shade of Pale." It has some huge rooms with varying number of mon...Date:08/14/94
Size:59.81 KB
Author:Bobby Griggs

Welcome to the crossroads between the planet's surface and an entrance into the submartian ancient city ruins of Azurexia....Date:05/15/16
Size:35.28 KB
Author:Serge Haikin

A short trip through E2M1. This is definitely nothing wild or exciting, but I figured that as long as I went through the trouble of making this, I might as well share it. It's actually kind of easy, even on ultra-violence, but hey, what the hell.......Date:06/21/94
Size:23.8 KB
Author:Jeff Blank

Back to Basics
After making a large map with slopes, scripts, all new resources and whatnot, I felt like making something very basic. Also used this opportunity to get some maps that were gathering dust finished and released; a very old episode 2 project (althoug...Date:12/16/07
Size:1.35 MB

Temple of Saturn
Enter The Temple Of Saturn at your own risk!...Date:06/01/95
Size:29.33 KB
Author:Bob Delorme

Baal 3_1
This is my third level from scratch and I think it's the best one yet. Plenty of monsters, Lots of traps......and a....BED!!...Date:08/11/95
Size:30.83 KB
Author:Bob Delorme

Babylon 6
Babylon 6 is not just filled with tons of monsters. The installation itself wants to have you for breakfast. Crushing ceilings, platforms, and deceptive transporters attack you viciously, and trap you for imps to devour! This is a very challenging le...Date:03/21/18
Size:26.67 KB
Author:Robin Andrews

Not too complex in architecture, but lots of ammo and tons of badboys to kill!! Have fun! [Two versions of the same level.]...Date:09/30/06
Size:25.63 KB
Author:Kim Markworth

Blood, Blood, and watch your back. You wake up, or at least think you're awake after a falling asleep at your desk. You were playing DOOM death matches till the wee hours last night. Fight your way to the exit, what ever you do, don't die in your sle...Date:04/13/07
Size:41.35 KB
Author:Rick Lowder aka Rooster

Bad Mood Wad
You can play as single player or in deathmatch mode, this wad contains many lifts and teleports....Date:12/12/95
Size:82.36 KB
Author:Christophe DEMANGE

Mission: BADV
This is a 4-level PWAD for Registered Doom originally created back in May of 1994. It was eventually recovered by the son (Me, Roebloz) of the creator and is being uploaded here along with a 1-level remaster....Date:01/14/21
Size:41.55 KB
Author:Benoit C./AggroBen79 (Original), Roebloz (Remaster)

Back To Hell
A complete replacement of Episode 3 with some new graphics and demos. Fight your way out or let Hell have vengeance upon you....Date:06/06/96
Size:752.63 KB
Author:David Seager

You love playing DooM? You love hunting your friends a bit? Then this level is right for you! It is fun! I recommend you play in deathmatch mode and if you are tough enough also with the -respawn option provided with DooM. The level has some small...Date:08/17/95
Size:27.38 KB
Author:DiD 1995

Thy Flesh Consumed Balanced Edition
The first two maps are infamous for not fitting with the rest of the episode difficulty-wise, so I decided to recreate the two maps from scratch and make them more fitting by making them easier and more spacious, along the way I added some extra touc...Date:03/24/20
Size:108.64 KB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (joe-ilya)

The Lair of Bamse Bear
The lair of Bamse has been invaded by vicious aliens. It is of course Furman, Bamse's old arch enemy, who has planned the coup. Your mission is to handle the aliens in the best way that you can, and to teach Furman a lesson. Furman has proven to the ...Date:10/23/97
Size:60.69 KB
Author:Rune Andersson

Barfight WAD
Barfight WAD by Jon Stern If you like it send E-MAIL to : Thanx, Happy Drinking and shooting...Date:04/13/07
Size:21.05 KB
Author:Jon Stern

Baron Barbeque
Welcome to the Weenie Roast...Date:02/01/95
Size:31.1 KB
Author:Kevin Aagaard

BARREL2.WAD (Barrel Version 2.0)
"No.... please. Not the Barrel! Anything but the Barrel.. No! Not the Barrel! Not the Barrellllllll!" Welcome to Barrel - I hope it gives you nightmares. Certainly, if you have a machine slower than a 486 then you take your chances with this WAD as...Date:05/12/94
Size:54.12 KB
Author:Cameron Newham

Players with claustrophobia (or acrophobia, for that matter) might want to stick with Sonic the Hedgehog. All others, keep your trigger finger warm....Date:01/26/96
Size:68.15 KB
Author:John S. Gabe

The REAL Military base
This my idea of what the military base should have been on E1M9. However, backup firepower is recomended. Deathmatch should be a literal blast, but its untested....Date:08/13/94
Size:105.88 KB
Author:Jon Paynter

What Lurks Beneath Base12?
Size:190.75 KB
Author:Scott Tingley (E2M1), Wesley Leong (E2M2, E2M3)

This level is the result of the many long hours I have spent trying to make a wad that I thought was unique and sophisticated....Date:09/20/95
Size:66.9 KB
Author:Brian Gemborys

Base 21
Size:43.52 KB
Author:Andy Hassall

Size:93.54 KB
This is my second level made from scratch! You're stranded in a military base on Phobos, your mission is to get out alive and destroy the Spider Boss. This level contains a section in which you must activate some switches to open the doors that lead ...Date:04/20/22
Size:29.16 KB
Author:Tony Parra

Base Trouble
1st attempt at Wad making! Small level set at UAC base, thats about it..Not much else to say. Let me know what you think of it or any bugs, THANKS!!...Date:01/02/99
Size:13.18 KB
Author:Tom Capizzi

You have just entered the secret BASE of the enemy. Your mission is to steal the heavily guarded backpack of jewels and reach the exit alive. This level is supposed to be as close to the real DOOM levels as possible. This level does support different...Date:12/02/05
Size:35.83 KB
Author:Brandon Davids "TALON"

Base Wad
This is a wad file you can build on. It's fairly small, so add what you want....Date:04/13/07
Size:14.82 KB

You were beamed down from your mother ship to kick but. Do it and get out alive!...Date:07/01/11
Size:36.29 KB
Author:Henley Bailey (wierd name eh? - 15yrs old)

A HUGE one-player level set in a cathedral. Several puzzles and tons of mayhem. For use with original DOOM, v1.666+. Includes lots of original graphics and a Bach instrumental score. See below for important play info....Date:11/29/97
Size:333.22 KB
Author:Robert Kry

Base of Waste
First map that I release. Short (for about 5 minutes). Vanilla compatible, for Doom 1. 2 secrets. Very easy, especially if you find both secrets. Also, notice the lack of 90 degree corners! I started this a long time ago as a speedmap, but abandoned ...Date:02/23/15
Size:56.52 KB

Size:134.1 KB
Author:Ben Lagow (Levels 1 & 3) and Mike Arnett (1 & 2)

.............: A medium sized level with windows...Date:09/26/94
Size:32.39 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

.............: A medium to large sized level with...Date:09/26/94
Size:43.46 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

.............: A small to medium sized level. The...Date:09/26/94
Size:37.76 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

.............: A large and tough level. A huge...Date:09/26/94
Size:54.44 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

My favorite level! The entire level looks like a house. It is complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, a billiard room, a pool complete with patio furniture, a library, etc. It even has some secret closets and passages an...Date:09/26/94
Size:61.34 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

.............:Another favorite of mine for both...Date:09/26/94
Size:38.45 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

I started working on this series of levels around, I'd say, 8 years ago or so, and gave up a few weeks later. My main aim with them was to create a megawad, changing each level for Doom1. I must've given up after finding out how pissy and annoying ...Date:04/06/05
Size:210.08 KB

The Becoming
Only the best vanilla throwback episode I've ever done...Date:01/04/18
Size:1.04 MB
Author:Jay X Townsend

Vanilla E3 replacement for doom.wad on marble/wood/caves/hell themes. No custom textures but custom music on each map. The first half takes place underground, after that you'll finally get to see the sky. The difficulty is maybe a bit higher than in ...Date:06/16/14
Size:648.54 KB
Author:Antroid, C30N9, Dragonsbrethren, Memfis, NoneeLlama, purist, Sokoro

See the original BEDLAM.TXT....Date:06/08/19
Size:430.44 KB
Author:Richard Dadd

Smoke The Beehive
This level is based on a Doom map that I made in 1996 called Beehive. Tips: There's always a way in and always a way out. The computer map powerup is your friend. There is no such thing as too many imps. Happiness is a warm gun. D...Date:04/22/04
Size:51.88 KB
Author:Rich Carlson
This level is complete, but I was planning on adding a hell of a lot more!...Date:05/12/94
Size:16.04 KB
Author:Alex Cannon

Her Belisha Beacon Erased Till Forwards
the level is a simple base map. started the level on early 2002 but never finished it because of no ideas and i was bored of doom. ever since then i'd been trying to get this level finished but i did very little work on it until it was finished. i ...Date:06/09/04
Size:242.14 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Ben (don't ask me why, I only designed it!)
This is my second level and I am quite pleased with it overall. It's based (loosely) on where I work with a few additions. There are some nice puzzles and some nasty surprises. There are also plenty of secrets to find. Generally, if something is hard...Date:08/09/95
Size:61.27 KB
Author:Mike Weaver

From the Archives
Four wad files I made when I started out on level editing in 1996 but were never uploaded at the time. No connecting theme, naive in parts but potentially entertaining....Date:07/10/99
Size:258.35 KB
Author:Ben Glover

Total Chaos, Lots of weapons hidden everywhere!...Date:04/13/07
Size:21.1 KB
Author:Jon Landis

Siawn Hy's Keep
**SEE BELOW**...Date:04/13/07
Size:66.14 KB
Author:Siawn Hy

Size:84.8 KB

Be Warned
Title says all. This was my first wad and I got a little carried away the monsters. If you are a novice be warned. The secrets will provide all that is needed to win....Date:04/13/07
Size:22.3 KB
Author:Paul Hoover

The Beyond
A few months ago a sect of devil worshippers settled down in your town. There are rumors that they celebrate horrible rituals and even human sacrifices in their castle-like house. But you have not cared much about these rumors, until one day your gir...Date:10/05/94
Size:105.23 KB

Beyond the veil
A large base overrun by two enemy fractions at the same time - emergency lockdown has been initiated. This map was originally supposed to be the first (second, actually) level of an entire episode started in mid-2004 in order to shorten the wait fo...Date:03/15/10
Size:594.18 KB

Just your little average wad that could have been released in 1995-97....Date:01/31/10
Size:40.33 KB
Author:Markus Stehr

Base Ganymede: Episode 2
Another 8 vanilla compatible levels set on the moon Ganymede. For your average skill level Doomer (you all hit UV anyway), but speedrunners have certainly been catered for as well! Note that while I haven't disabled jump or crouch in a mapinfo lump...Date:11/14/10
Size:735.65 KB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Base Ganymede E1
An 8 map vanilla episode for Doom 1....Date:11/14/09
Size:593.91 KB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Beneath Hell
A remake of The Ultimate Doom's E4M1 that I made in about 6-8 hours...Date:02/19/20
Size:37.63 KB

Bart's House 2.0
Here is the second edition of the family favorite BRTHOUSE.WAD. This is a DOOM PWAD of E1L1. Created using DEU 5.0 and tested with the registered version of DOOM v1.1. This PWAD only works with the registered versions of DOOM. This version of Bart's ...Date:07/24/05
Size:22.99 KB
Author:Bart McEndree

Originally designed for Doom2 (before I even started the twilight Zone 1) but converted to Doom1 because it had lots of nazi's and Wolfenstein textures in it. This is a big level with lots of monsters (303) but lots of health and ammo too. I started ...Date:05/12/99
Size:100.55 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

This pwad was based on the Big Brother theme; when you're walking around, you'll always remember that _Big_Brother_is_ watching_you_. The big brother will be informed in his 'workroom' about the other players' whereabouts with the help of secret l...Date:05/12/94
Size:45.29 KB
Author:Magne Groenhuis, Remco Gerlich

Big Empty
Wherehouse, nice big and empty....Date:09/14/94
Size:11.8 KB
Author:Joe Hart & Jeff Pierce

Big Juicy Level.
Big rooms, lots of monsters on higher difficulty. Hopefully a couple of new Ideas....Date:11/18/04
Size:84.71 KB
Author:Dave DeBaufer & Dennis Bergeron. (AOL-DeBaufer) & (AOL-AlbumKing)

Big Mac
You get to work in the morning, come out of the parking garage, and find the office is infested with mutant monsters from Mars. Time to kick some alien butt!...Date:04/13/07
Size:49.35 KB
Author:Richard Khouw

It's fun....Date:11/20/04
Size:31.63 KB

We had information from a 'highly regarded' source deep inside enemy forces that their main system could finally be penetrated by using a secret maintenance password. You and Dora were selected for this mission. You were to penetrate the compu...Date:09/28/94
Size:65.41 KB
Author:Shof B

Bilbo's Smegging WAD
Size:48.22 KB
Author:Bilbo (Brad Spencer)

Size:27.66 KB
Author:Banjo Oblivion

a level...Date:06/24/94
Size:69.11 KB

Baron in a Pit (Sequel to Baron on a Pedestal)
Brown and Gray, lots of monsters. My fourth wad, and the first one where I paid very close attention to textures and texture alignment. COOL level. Very hard, but is just fun to run through. Spends a lot of time outside, and has a stairway to the bas...Date:11/19/04
Size:63.32 KB
Author:Andrew Murphy

Bites the dust
Includes a jail, a pit, a cage, and bridges....Date:11/20/04
Size:33.03 KB
Author:Scott McCreary

Mid-sized level with a 3 key solution. Has all settings easy thru hard and cooperative play. Wad was really designed for co-op play and is rather difficult for single player. No Deathmatch starts but feel free to add them and try it if you like....Date:05/17/96
Size:61.06 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID. Don't cheat on the lights in this one. I worked really hard to create the lighting effects in this one....Date:07/26/98
Size:57.45 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Well, you've done it again. After successfully escaping from Hell, you've stumbled into yet another hole filled with bad guys. At least this one has some light in it, after all that cavern crawling. Good luck. Always keep at least five rockets in res...Date:12/02/05
Size:87.71 KB
Author:Bob Lange

This level is a well designed level with lots of uproarious shooting and killing. Plenty of secrets to find (although none are necessary for the completion of the level, they will make the going easier though). Each secret has a "clue" of some kind, ...Date:02/01/96
Size:54.42 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

Size:483.24 KB
Author:Greytale, Natx, Roach

Lots of bad guys to BLAST in this one! All the ammo you need and more. No tricky puzzles to solve, just lots of interesting rooms with long halls. This is a big map, though it ran fine on my 486/25 w/5 meg....Date:04/13/07
Size:38.82 KB
Author:David Dione

Er, yeah, that's it. (This is a stupid entry. Play the damn thing and find out!)...Date:06/09/05
Size:73.07 KB
Author:Russell J. Lauzon

Blaze's Wrath
You must work your way through an onslaught of demonic creatures which have invaded a nuclear testing facility. Your goal is to enter the mysterious subterranean caverns from whence the demons came (E2M9) and destroy all the Barons who oversee the in...Date:11/20/04
Size:89.11 KB
Author:Brian J. "Blazkowicz" Rowan

Building III -- Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, three hundred years into the future. Primarily a plasma rifle level. Best if played using the cheat code "idclevXX" to ward directly to level in single player mode. Cooperative and Death...Date:11/21/04
Size:48.41 KB
Author:Phil E Bute

A classic style map, mostly inspired from the level "Spawning Vats"....Date:12/16/06
Size:54.74 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

A small level, with most weapons, great for death match, lotsa hiding places, etc....Date:11/21/04
Size:21.73 KB
Author:Eric Olivares and Doug Hodges

Blitz Of Pain
Get ready to move once you leave the first room. Lots of action. Good luck on the final blitz. This level is best with single player but is set up to be played with multiple players. Tough to play on less than 486....Date:12/16/03
Size:61.13 KB
Author:Jim McColm

Blood Bath
This is a fun Doom level made for single player action. I know that I don't like to read a long story about levels, so I won't write one! I hope you like it...Date:08/11/95
Size:25.91 KB
Author:Jordan Sindelar

The Castle of Blood is well known among your fellow marines and you got the short straw. Your mission is to succed where no one has!...Date:12/10/03
Size:114.89 KB
Author:Jim McColm

Blood of the Damned
Size:221.69 KB
Author:Jeff Brichta

Size:79.59 KB

New design, great space, full of ammo and many monsters. Yes it's difficult but not impossible. Feedback would be appreciated....Date:11/21/04
Size:11.84 KB
Author:Mark Marusak

Blood Lake
It's a lake, full of blood, monsters, you know what to do!...Date:03/17/12
Size:28.6 KB
Author:Glen McColl

Blood's Revenge
A normal wad with 2 levels, with no dumb plot....Date:11/19/94
Size:44.44 KB
Author:Jason Dyer

Medium-sized level with a mixture of different monsters and decors. This is only my second PWad... Anyway, there are plenty of secret areas and doors and lifts and such....Date:06/29/94
Size:51.03 KB
Author:Neal Ziring

This is the first (make that fourth) release of a few levels that I have done for Doom. They take place in levels 1 through 5 on mission 1. They were created in the order that they are played in, so the first level seems less well rounded but le...Date:10/28/94
Size:426.74 KB
Author:Tom Walz

Really dark (well sorta), lots of baddies, Watch yer back....Date:07/26/98
Size:6.45 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Basically you run around shooting at monsters and picking up stuff while the monsters are shooting at you....Date:09/04/94
Size:77.27 KB
Author:Steve Kaufman

This level was originally designed as a death match level. I threw in some monsters and changed the layout to make it a playable level too. Its a pretty quick level to clear though, due to its simple design. As a Death Match level, its a pretty fun r...Date:06/01/94
Size:61.3 KB
Author:Greg Grimsby
This level was designed for the above average Doom player(s). It is not too hard, but nevertheless, not that easy. Hopefully, you will have as much fun playing it as I had making it....Date:08/23/94
Size:59.76 KB

Barons and Beyond (Not anymore but I like the name)
A rather LARGE level with some nifty tricks & traps scattered through out. I tried to keep a theme through out the level, it may sometimes wander but I feel overall I did a good job of it....Date:11/10/94
Size:91.64 KB
Author:Jason Michelsen

Plain and simple. You versus a Baron of Hell. The ultimate (kind of) test of masculinity, and stup- idity. Try and nuke the Baron, but that's not the only test. Figure it out. Have fun....Date:07/25/95
Size:8.11 KB
Author:Ben Allred and Evan Sarli

Ahhhh! Imagine yourself at a candle- lit dinner. Before you know it, HELL DROPS IN!!!!!!...Date:07/08/95
Size:9.82 KB
Author:Ben Allred and Evan Sarli

Boa.WAD Baron on an Altar
Dark and Stoney, lots of marble all around Tons of enemies to kill, and you must use strategy or you'll get your ass kicked really bad. Running into rooms with a flaming gun will make you dead real fast. Has some stairwells, and a spiral staircase th...Date:04/13/07
Size:57.71 KB
Author:Andrew Murphy

EPISODE 1 Missions 1 thru 9, setup to play deathmatch with alot of ways back to the same point. Enough creatures to Enjoy! get in practice to be the DOOMMASTER. This corrects deathmatch start on E1M6 and something on E1M4....Date:11/28/10
Size:293.96 KB

EPISODE 2 Mission 1, setup to play deathmatch with alot of ways back to the same point. Enough creatures to get in practice to be the DOOMMASTER. This is a tickler (sample) of my next episode. My previous episode is BOBKDV_2.ZIP-Bob's Kneedeep (9 lev...Date:07/02/06
Size:77.12 KB
Author:BOB CARTER a.k.a. Robert Kiana Carter

Bart's Office 1.1
This is a DOOM PWAD of E1L1. Created using DEU 5.0 and tested with the registered version of DOOM v1.1. This PWAD only works with the registered versions of DOOM. Bart's office is a level that accurately models Bart's real-life office floor. It featu...Date:07/24/05
Size:43.58 KB
Author:Bart McEndree

Size:4.8 KB
Author:Thilo Beuke, Alexander Dost

Boogers (All the good names were taken)
You start off aboard your UAC Marine transport. Out of a crew of 4, 2 have already gone down to the surface and failed to report in at the predetermined time. You third crewmate has just left the brigde when the ship suddenly goes on Red Alert. You t...Date:11/15/94
Size:97.98 KB
Author:John Jablonski

BOOM: Shadow of The Zedix
A Total Conversion for Ultimate Doom v1.9 featuring a complete episode (9 maps), new sounds and graphics, new monsters and new weapons....Date:07/14/00
Size:1.43 MB
Author:Lari Muuriaisniemi (L.mR-SOFTWARE)

Boom v2.3
An MAJOR upgrade from v2.2...Date:04/24/96
Size:279.02 KB
Author:Shawn Prest

bop.wad -Baron on a Pedastal
Dark and Forboding, a trip into the dark side of Diemos. Has numerous teleporters, and a few stair cases, just to keep up with my first wad. Their not huge, but very interesting. Didn't implement and secret doors or sectors. There are many Barons of ...Date:11/19/04
Size:41.59 KB
Author:Andrew Murphy

Your pet rabbit Daisy needs her greens and so you find yourself at the Botanics Facility on Deimos....Date:02/06/21
Size:50.3 KB

This is the first release of a few levels that I have done for Doom. They take place in levels 1 through 4 on mission 1. They were created in the order that they are played in, so the first level seems less well rounded but level 4 has some excellent...Date:07/27/04
Size:257.45 KB
Author:Tom Walz

Birthing Pools
A simple remake/re-imagining of the Spawning Vats level from Episode 2 in Doom....Date:06/17/16
Size:85.88 KB
Author:Samantha McNallen aka Miss Bubbles

Break In. Simply put, you've been sent on a mission to Break into Monster HQ. Your goal? Get out alive! Slugfest galore!...Date:12/03/04
Size:29.37 KB
Author:Bob Minnick

BRETT2 Version 1.1 --> Brett's Hell
A visit back to the shores of hell discovers a new time and place for you. A whole new series of new and playable (by both the novice and the expert player) levels. As doors suddenly open around you, a feeling of sheer terror and excitement envelopes...Date:08/04/06
Size:383.7 KB
Author:Brett Russell

The Bridge
A simple little bridge (sorta). It works like one...Date:08/20/94
Size:4.1 KB
Author:Justin Ward

Barons o' fun
Try to get the barons close to each other and then get one of 'em to blow up a barrel in front of 'em. You should warp straight to E1M8, and there's no way you could win this with pistol, you need to do the trick explained above. It can take a whil...Date:06/29/00
Size:4.29 KB

Blood, Sweat, & more Blood
Single player WAD, not set for deathmatch. Not great for co-op either. Made as slugfest. Save your ammo. There are some dark areas which house monsters, which may or may not be your cup of tea. Also, when I say slugfest, I don't mean one big square r...Date:12/30/95
Size:274.86 KB
Author:Steve Johnston

This level bs_l21 is for shores of hell level 1. The theme includes many outdoor areas and transporters. The difficulty levels should be considered higher than the normal game as I have become bored with the lack of carnage in regular doom.Th...Date:08/09/94
Size:30.55 KB

This level bs_l22 is for shores of hell level 2. The theme includes many outdoor areas including a very interesting patio area with multiple levels and transporters. The difficulty levels should be considered higher than the normal game as I ...Date:08/09/94
Size:42.43 KB

Claflin Hall goes to Hell
This level is a take-off of my Dorm (Claflin Hall) at Boston University. There have been many elements added to make it interesting. This is my first Wad, yet it doesn't suck!...Date:05/17/94
Size:63.22 KB
Author:Scott Kearney
Only one way to find out, must play....Date:11/28/10
Size:39.05 KB
Author:Robert Schwarz

An open space, full of strange buildings and hordes of enemys with very bad temper. Luckily, there's enough ammo for all of them. Try to take some of the shotguns of the sargeants that appears behind the grate: you will live more. I made this le...Date:06/22/04
Size:82.32 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Undergound Military Bunker
Trapped in the enemy bunker, your only goal is to get out alive. Such a simple plan, such an impossible feat....Date:05/07/95
Size:89.86 KB
Author:Terry Hamel

This WAD file comprises three levels at the start of Episode 2...Date:02/27/95
Size:87.5 KB
Author:Robin Kay

Enter a top-secret research and power installation, determine who attacked it, get the power back on-line, and track the attackers back to their source. This is part 1 of a 9 level series. Read the 'background' section below for more information. N...Date:11/30/99
Size:228.42 KB
Author:Kit Gautier

A fairly easy wadfile but has some well hidden secrets...Date:03/08/97
Size:23.32 KB

BUTT.WAD - Mother of All Doom Levels
VESA or PCI Bus needed! [Also hunger for blood and fun needed! ;)]...Date:04/13/07
Size:59.57 KB
Included in this file are 2 wad files for use with Doom 1.2 by id Software. The first one (Dark.wad) is already online. This new one contains a few minor changes, most notably the inclusion of the BFG9000 to make fighting the CyberDemon a little b...Date:06/16/94
Size:89.29 KB

BEWARE.WAD (version 1.2)
Size:86.98 KB

Watch where your walking (hint hint)....Date:04/13/07
Size:12.74 KB
Author:Acidic Brain

So you finally get to go to cadet school. Your mum drops you off at the main gate. As she pulls away you look to see her laugh and slowly her face changes to that of a green skinned Demon. Suddenly you put together the mornings events into one great ...Date:12/04/04
Size:54.15 KB
Author:Peter Grundy

Calgon, Take me away!
Built for Ultimate Doom v1.9 Map based on my workplace. run on E1M1...Date:04/06/96
Size:114.25 KB
Author:Keith Hickman

Callisto Anomaly
A five-level mini-episode with a time-travel element. One of the maps is based on actual plans of the Romans baths in the city of Bath, England....Date:02/03/06
Size:321.8 KB
Author:Vince Russett

A level pretty much suited for Deathmatch play only. A single winding sector with four player and four deathmatch starts, various pesky little monsters, and various weapons ranging in strength from chainsaw to plasma gun. (Beware launching missiles a...Date:05/12/94
Size:11.75 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

This level may be played all by itself as the first level of the second game, but is intended immediately before playing "HQ.WAD" This is the first level I've tried to construct, and it shows in such things as mapping of wall patterns. It's a fun l...Date:03/03/06
Size:98.35 KB
Author:Patrick Pirtle

Cardiac Arrest 1.0
Fairly mean level. A few nasty surprises. Generally fun. A few big rooms. A tall tower. Lots of monsters. Lots of weapons. Thrills. Chills. Darkness....Date:09/08/94
Size:51.75 KB
Author:Lloyd Shelby

of Contents...Date:11/05/95
Size:338 KB
Author:Billy Turnbow

Carreg Cennan Castle
This is my very first level and all in all it didn't turn out too bad. The inspiration for this level came from the ruins of Carreg Cennan Castle near Llandeilo in Wales. I've tried to keep to the medieval method of defence, ie. lots of cross firing,...Date:08/09/95
Size:57.48 KB
Author:Mike Weaver

Set the mood here....Date:09/14/94
Size:53.01 KB
Author:Your name here

This wad intended to be my house and a little part of my neighbourhood, but now I don't think my neighbours would recognize it (not even my mother recognized the house!)...Date:04/01/97
Size:71.4 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Castle of the Renegades
Well, here it is and only 3 months in the making. Maybe now I can reclaim my life. At least until I start my first Doom II level. ;) I already have some ideas for that. This one should keep you death- matchers busy for a while. It's got sniper points...Date:01/30/95
Size:207.83 KB
Author:Scott F. Crank

Castle of Evil. (previously released in beta form as ss27bet2.wad) First of all let me say... This is bloody *HUGE* 8) I've been working on this for a long time since most of the earlier editors couldn't handle a large level like this one. Made f...Date:10/27/94
Size:343.15 KB
Author:Stanley Stasiak, (lordwlfie on IRC)

El Castillo del Misterio (Mistery Castle)
Is a castle. Play it in Ultraviolence and you'll see.....Date:05/25/13
Size:22.91 KB
Author:Jack the Ripper

Outside level with a small castle.. fun for deathmatchs and a sercet sniper stuff and a secret room FULL of stuff...Date:08/22/94
Size:17.51 KB
Author:Eric Wescott

This level was designed for expert players as the puzzles are far from easy !. It will probably take you over one hour to complete first time around. All textures have been aligned and plenty of thought has gone into designing each room. It's excelle...Date:05/07/14
Size:123.83 KB
Author:Lorenzo Caira

This level is based around the concept of a medieval castle, complete with moat, battlements, gatehouse, guardroom, stables and a central keep with cells, musician's gallery, kitchen, well, great hall and stairacse, bedrooms, long gallery and turrets...Date:06/08/19
Size:56.19 KB
Author:Simon Manton

Castle from Hell ! (CASTLE5.WAD from CASTLE5.ZIP)
This level should challenge you to no end. Many tricks and traps, and a particularly annoying puzzle to finish the game. Many hours were spent removing visplane problems, but in the ensuing hours I've played, it has never crashed. Best played as a si...Date:10/02/97
Size:80.65 KB
Author:Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)

Imagine that you walk up to a castle. It's big, and very dark. You look up. Somebody is shooting at you from the turrets! Better start moving, or you'll never escape. You run around the outside. The castle is surrounded by a moat, and there's no back...Date:06/10/06
Size:54.38 KB
Author:Alex Siegel

Set in and around a Castle, you must battle to gain entrance to the castle grounds then take on the keep. Watch out for those Barons, and Sargeants on the castle walls. - Huge outside grounds, circle the whole castle - Secret weapons cache - like a...Date:02/03/06
Size:34.53 KB
Author:Daniel Griffiths

Castle of Fear
This was originally made for Doom the Way id Did as E3M8. I eventually removed this big chunk of the level and kept the part with the Spiderdemon. This is made in a strict Peterson style so expect lots of texture misalignments, unusual wall-floor com...Date:05/16/11
Size:68.65 KB

You find yourself in a dark cave facing a large castle. Don't stare too long, though, or you will die. Once inside the castle, you must fight your way from room to room and find the switches that will let you escape. This is the second level I h...Date:09/05/94
Size:65.23 KB
Author:Jon Mandigo

Catacombs of Hell!!!
Your trapped!!! How are you going to get your but out of the catacombs and into hell itself, as if you would want to. Well, you start in a room and have to work your way through three different sections of the catacombs to collect the keys. Then fina...Date:02/25/95
Size:25.27 KB
Author:Paolo Trinchieri

It is an evil level....Date:12/18/04
Size:53.47 KB
Author:Daniel Tanguay

Catastrophe is a doom2 wad based on an abandoned alien base left on Earth deep in the mountains. The remaining monsters on it continue to bring in monsters so it must be shut down, etc....Date:06/10/06
Size:308.28 KB
Author:Richie "Skarj" Gay

Under ground complex with a few interesting puzzles and great lighting effects...Date:05/23/05
Size:29.28 KB
Author:Dominic Anello

A cave area and other strange rooms....Date:03/03/06
Size:51.33 KB
Author:Chris Tierney

Caverns of Hell
Upon your return to earth, you think that you are finally done with seeing creatures of Hell. You were wrong. The Caverns of Hell await you. No one knows what lurks in the darkness around the next corner. Enter at your own risk....Date:07/27/94
Size:90.52 KB
Author:Eric Aamodt a.k.a. Infinity

Your on Mars ... the enemy's stronghold! You just escaped from inside the prison level of the fortress. Unfortunately you landed right in the caverns underneath the enemy stronghold. Your mission is to recover the new weapon from the enemy boss and s...Date:06/28/94
Size:118.38 KB
Author:Knightmare (Doug Dziedzic)

My first WAD. Designed for single player mode with some nice surprises in it. Up until you get the red key it has a strange resemblance to where I work. In fact that Baron seems to be in my bosses office ;)...Date:05/02/94
Size:48.91 KB
Author:Dave Sawford

Commander BearCorp TC
This is an 8 level TC for Doom. It is not totally done yet and when(if)...Date:07/23/97
Size:942.54 KB
Author:Jonathan "Topgun" Washburn

A map made to recreate the magic that was Sandy Peterson's Pandemonium map from Doom....Date:12/26/12
Size:90.12 KB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

Control Center
Control Center is a map I made some weeks ago, based on the 90's mapping style. Some areas might even remind you of some places in the original Ultimate Doom episodes. The theme of the map is a base, very similar to the ones in the first episode of U...Date:07/02/15
Size:113.06 KB
Author:Diego Cea (Doomer)

The Catacombs (release 2)
Centred around a tiny, winding, ever- changing system of tunnels. The difficulty levels are intentionally easy; in the future this WAD will form the first level of an episode replacement for Doom I. However, there are lots of puzzles to make up for i...Date:03/03/14
Size:25.2 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Computer Core
Two short singleplayer maps about a demon infested computer installation....Date:03/25/10
Size:63.94 KB

The Mystery of the Marie Celeste
The year: 1943 The place: Somewhere in the northern Atlantic. The situation: Grim. Alone in the middle of the Atlantic. You knew in your heart that it was the end when the escort, the HMS Marianna, picked up three U- boats on the sonar. The Teela D...Date:03/15/95
Size:98.53 KB
Author:Mark Mackey

Dark, you'll feel foreboding DOOM after starting this level. This level is pretty linear, so you don't have to worry about getting the keys in the right order, because you get the keys when you need them. Not easy. Trust me, I created this level and ...Date:06/16/94
Size:67.29 KB
Author:Andrew Murphy

Episode 2 themed techbase level, following the same difficulty curve as it's predecessor Abyssus. Centrum stands for "Center" or "Central area" in Latin....Date:06/25/09
Size:106.84 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

This level is my first wad file. It turned out that the file ended up to be a little more difficult than I expected in Ultra Violent mode, but still can be done as the lmp will show. Due to level complexity and enemy population I would not recommend ...Date:01/03/96
Size:79.84 KB
Author:Ariel C. Vera

Size:67.66 KB

This is a pretty challenging WAD that I attempted to make tough for people who like to abuse the cheat codes. It has no doors that need keys so you are stuck with finding the correct switches to open doors....Date:12/18/04
Size:64.54 KB

Basic Doom Scenario. I experimented with things to try to make a Star Wars level. Send me e-mail and tell me what you think of the bar....Date:11/07/08
Size:35.7 KB
Author:Josh Schultz

The bad news is you are in hell. The good news is you have a chainsaw that never runs out of gasoline. Your problem to cut your way through hell until you find a way out. Sounds like the leadin to a TV show doesn't it. Each week watch as out intrepid...Date:01/29/97
Size:123.33 KB
Author:Stephen Huff

Size:834.54 KB

CHASE.ZIP (chase.wad + chase.txt)
Originally designed as a fairly simple WAD with deathmatch in mind, gradually grew to a fairly large level suitable for good one player action. Basically, prepare to chase and be chased in deathmatch mode, and run like hell in UV single player mode. ...Date:06/08/94
Size:61.35 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

Satan's Hell Hole
This is my third and what I think is my best Wad. Plenty of graphics changes as well as a nice layout for all modes. Single or Multi Player. The other Wads I've done were made with only single players in mind. I've taken the time to add all the thi...Date:09/12/94
Size:313.74 KB
Author:Matthew G. Hooper

Simple as Cheese
A very simple E2M1 map, altho may have some homagy areas in it....Date:01/13/11
Size:26.09 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

A small level intended for fun, slightly challenging single-play, and...Date:08/23/95
Size:25.33 KB
Author:nicholas r. spampata

This level has a BFG but if you want it without cheating, you will need to first find the yellow key, then the secret area in which you will find the red key to give you access to the BFG. In the Chequer board room try and visit all areas. GOOD LUCK!...Date:11/29/94
Size:35.56 KB
Author:David Fleet

Chess, Hades-style
Your pal Satan invited you and fifteen of your closest friends over for a friendly game of chess. Not trusting him one bit, you took along quite an arsenal. As you arrive at Satan's door, you are whisked away to a huge arena. Alas, as your compadres ...Date:04/08/13
Size:72.84 KB
Author:Maciek Sakrejda (Octahedron The Unwise)

Chester.WAD (Version1.0)
The level is based around the streets of the City of Chester in North West England. Landmarks of note include the city walls, the Rows, the Grovesnor Precinct and the Canal Bank towards the Levels end....Date:03/03/06
Size:54.78 KB
Author:Nic Bedford & Simon Davis

a level for Chex Quest
One level of moderate difficulty for vanilla chex quest....Date:04/24/14
Size:23.61 KB

deathmatch wad with most weapons....Date:12/24/95
Size:20.64 KB
Author:matt berseth
Ok this is my second level, but it is my first full scale one....Date:07/10/94
Size:19.79 KB
Author:Matt Reid

Its the annual buzzsaw festival, need I say more. A great way to relieve stress. Can be used as single player with monsters or as a deathmatch. For best results either ban the use of the pistol or use a hack to give the players no bullets. This wad p...Date:09/13/94
Size:7.5 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme

Chris K.
Complete Chris Klie levels for Doom....Date:05/18/08
Size:375.88 KB
Author:Chris Klie

Cathedral of Doom B1.0
Something odd has happened at the old abandoned church at the top of the hill. It's close to midnight and you mount the hill to investigate the strage lights that have appeared around the abandoned bell-towers. You step into the graveyard, and you've...Date:09/08/95
Size:107.79 KB
Author:Steven Swiniarski (S Andrew Swann)

You've found the unknown altar to the CyberLord. It looks just like a church... I wonder why? The level is pretty easy, I just created it to stir up trouble! Then I added some bad dudes......Date:05/12/06
Size:20.88 KB
Author:Peter Naus

Size:17.46 KB
Author:Vance Andrew Blevins

The Cistern
A series of stone corridors arranged around a reservoir of blood somewhere in Hades. You can SEE the exit (it's right in the middle) but how do you GET there? Plenty of tactical choices as to when and where to fight....Date:03/13/95
Size:39.73 KB
Author:Roger Musson

Long and complex wad in the classic castle scenario, with severe violence. You may have to look carefully to get in, not to mention get your feet wet. Save often and conserve health and ammo....Date:02/01/05
Size:92.08 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

This is a very small wad, but it´s extremely hectic with three or four players. No extra ammo, just pick up your weapons and kill your friends. You are bound to get hit yourself, so you may have to commit suicide in the two suicide pits. Hint: play t...Date:05/22/94
Size:18.65 KB
Author:Steen R. Steiniche

Conventional DOOM wad designed around 3 key solution. Pretty straight forward. Really designed with cooperative play in mind but is a challenge for single player. All skill levels playable....Date:04/28/96
Size:54.84 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = The Evil Base...Date:07/11/98
Size:48.01 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Doom Classic 10: Mercurius Pools
A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = Base...Date:07/01/03
Size:77.91 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Doom Classic 10b: Mercurius Pools without the cyberdemon
A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = Base...Date:07/03/03
Size:76.63 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Deimos Spaceport
A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = E2/E1 Base...Date:07/21/03
Size:55.9 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Size:46.73 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Size:38.3 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

classic4.wad (v1.1)
Size:31.51 KB
Author:Nick Baker

classic5.wad - version 1.1
A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = Base...Date:07/22/00
Size:38.59 KB
Author:Anthony Soto

A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = Base...Date:09/15/00
Size:52.71 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken & Anthony Soto

A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = Episode 1 Base...Date:09/15/00
Size:55.59 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

The Classic Episode
An episode in the classic Doom style. The goal is to recreate as accurate as possible the atmosphere of the original id levels. This is a collection of the previous classic releases (classic1 - classic7) plus two new levels. All maps support coo...Date:08/31/02
Size:449.91 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

The Possessed Warehouse
The basic idea was to create a warehouse/office-like building with 4 floors, combined through a staircase centered around an open area, where it should be possible to see from one floor to anot...Date:09/25/94
Size:151.69 KB
Author:Claus Nielsen

The Big Scary 'Doughnut' Lift
Well, it's actually not that hard to get to the exit, but can you do it with 3 x 100% - without cheating?!...Date:09/25/94
Size:136.4 KB
Author:Claus Nielsen

Alone in the Dark
This is quite a huge level. Not very tricky, or difficult for that matter. It's just plain fun "dooming"... Oh, and by the way; your monitor shouldn't be too bright when playing this level - th...Date:09/25/94
Size:127.73 KB
Author:Claus Nielsen

Size:93.36 KB
Author:Daniel Weed

Clear Focus
A small base level to get your focus cleared. The level kinda follows the DTWID rules so it feels more like an id level but isn't. Any minor alignment errors found were intentional and should not be of any concern....Date:08/03/11
Size:15.51 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Size:656.15 KB
Author:Rand and Steven Phares

Clear Focus (Hardcore Edition)
Modified version of Clear Focus (id=16538) that defeats the critique of being too easy, so this should fare better for those folks....Date:09/30/11
Size:15.24 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

I made this wad file right after I discovered DEU, the almighty doom level editor. This is an experi- mental level for me. I made it as I was learning DEU and its how to. This is why there is no general theme to this wad ( Hence the name confusion). ...Date:07/11/94
Size:58.79 KB
Author:Reza S. Dowlatshahi

Cleaning Of All Kind
This mornig your boss was in a bad mood: the coffee vending machine is out of order. That's the reason why you find yourself at the entrance of the C.R.R.G.E. (Center for Research on Regressive Genetical Experiments). Bad luck. This building was aban...Date:01/01/03
Size:140.23 KB

Ooooh Madam.....It's Fishy!...Date:06/27/94
Size:18.98 KB
Author:The Fishcake Federation

Castle of Doom
Dark and foreboding. Castle of Doom is reasonably large. It took me 30 minutes to get through it on the "Hurt Me Plenty" setting. Beware, there are traps! Be careful of switches and save game often. Doing things in the right order is critical to comp...Date:01/01/97
Size:174.14 KB
Author:Tim Tasto

Cold Steel
Episode 2 map in the E2M4 motif. Approximate architecture construction ratio between authors is about 70% Mr. Chris, 29% Mr. Freeze and 1% Hellbent....Date:01/28/11
Size:82.87 KB
Author:Mr. Chris & Mr. Freeze

A really nice level. Many monsters. Little Ammo....Date:04/13/07
Size:70.21 KB

This has been designed with deathmatch in...Date:05/12/94
Size:21.56 KB
Author:Dean Ashley Svendsen

Size:21.74 KB
Author:Karl R. Peters

It's an 9-level episode for DOOM 1.2 which is designed for combat intensive play for one player, but is also multi-player and DEATHMATCH ready. The 9 levels (E2M1 --- E2M9) are a collection of levels I've designed over the past year. They're all...Date:04/03/95
Size:175.98 KB
Author:Karl R. Peters

Command Control (COMCON.WAD)
Command Control, normally where big decisions are made. The only thing you'll need to decide is which target deserves your attention first. Play starts out slow but quickly turns into a DOOM-fest with few parts that allow for breathing....Date:08/16/94
Size:105.72 KB
Author:Patrick Hipps

You are sent to infiltrate a secret computer base in the depths of a gigantic forest. Your commander gave you instructions to wipe out the new breed of mutant that is being bred there. Spectres! But, it seems that when you arrive, you realize that th...Date:12/30/04
Size:31.84 KB
Author:Ben Brooks

Computer Core
An underground computer core. Try not to get your ass blown off!!!...Date:06/02/96
Size:33.56 KB
Author:Jeff Velten

Death to all DOOMERS !!!
After INFERNO, the demonic creatures have arrived on earth. You have been assigned to clear the US defence base at Atowa of its infiltraitors....Date:06/12/15
Size:22.22 KB
Author:Simon Plant

Enigmatic Complex Computer Lab version 2.0
(For story see comp-ful.txt) Type complex to begin. The DeHackEd patch changes the level names under the map. Enigmatic Complex is a large wad (it jams up DEU 5.21 and BSP 1.2) that largely takes place inside a, suprise, large complex. It is the ...Date:04/15/03
Size:194.66 KB

This Single level .WAD will (hopefully) suprise some of the expert players. And wait until you find out who your "Comrades" turn out to be. :) My Beta tester always loves to used the cheat codes, so my levels will always try to have some sort of trap...Date:10/12/94
Size:46.64 KB
Author:Larry Wangemann

This level is based on the old town part Breton town of Concarnau. The old town is on an island in the river estuary. It is a very large level and is very slow. It is difficult, as finding good weaponry is not easy, and monsters come from all angles....Date:02/22/08
Size:76.35 KB
Author:Simon Manton

A Doom new level map for E1M2...Date:06/02/05
Size:10.9 KB

Make your way through the building, facing a few different challenges. Watch your step, you may end up in prison for life! This level is designed to be easy on level 1 and 2, manageable on level 3, challenging on...Date:09/18/94
Size:91.03 KB
Author:Jim Hendrickson

Controlled System
A techbase inspired mainly by E1M7 and Nicolas Monti's wads I guess. This is mostly me playing around with a couple of ideas I had for a while, such as using radiation suits instead of keys....Date:12/28/16
Size:67.93 KB

Human Conversion Lab the Aliens use to turn the Marines into Former Humans. Contains helo landing pad and dungeon were the marines are kept....Date:07/11/94
Size:19.86 KB
Author:John Hitt

Cool Doom Level
You are stuck in the basement from hell and you...Date:02/04/95
Size:11.22 KB
Author:Adam Grommes

This is my first attempt at creating a level from scratch. I included a little bit of all the things I like in DOOM. This level is extremely hard, and should be played by experts only....Date:01/08/05
Size:31.74 KB
Author:Sal Buttiglione

Cooper's Creosote
This is a very large wad (about 230k), mainly because of all the detail I put in. I would have released it a lot earlier, but I had to wait for the GCC version of DEU when it got too big. Then, I had to wait for Doom 1.4 when it got too complex. But ...Date:08/09/94
Size:81.4 KB
Author:Stephen Wassell

Mutants have invaded the computer core area! Clean them out, and don't forget to check the ventilation ducts. This level was originally designed for deathmatch play (if you have three or more players, chainsaw jousting is a sure bet on startup...) bu...Date:05/29/94
Size:73.1 KB
Author:Barry Ferg

This is a happy wad with a fun name, corn. I worked very hard on it so I hope you like it. Only experienced veterans of doom will be able to survive this wad. There is little ammo and lots of monsters, so don't waste any ammo!!! ENJOY!!!...Date:12/11/95
Size:37.51 KB
Author:Jason Frierdich

This is my first wad. So many improvements will be made in the future....Date:02/12/13
Size:48.97 KB
Author:Troy Mann

Corridors from Hell
You transport into a small, narrow room with no obvious exit. Ahh, in front of you are...Date:12/01/97
Size:23.39 KB
Author:Michael E. Toliver

The Court Yard
A tough basement, a fun maze, and a couple of teleports. Nothing too hard....Date:07/06/94
Size:20.57 KB
Author:Maurice Ormon
Try it out, it *is* worth your download time :) More toward the atmosphere of an ID level, hope you like it....Date:05/12/94
Size:75.57 KB
Author:Michael Kelsey

Its a jail. Don't go beserk because it is small I am ading more...Date:02/25/96
Size:20.09 KB
Author:Sander Macy

Not For Cowards
You have been abandoned at the entrance of what seems to be a quiet deserted base. Quickly, you discover an odd-shaped, four cornered room with four separate teleporters. You must now decide which one to take, and only ONE way leads out!...Date:01/09/05
Size:44.57 KB
Author:Matt Fox

Castle Phobos
THE STORY: Your wandering around the martian moon landscape when you stumble across an odd structure built into the side of a mountain. A closer look reveals the entrance of a castle with two watch towers. "What in Hell is this?" you ask yourself. ...Date:08/29/04
Size:655.46 KB
Author:David G. Shrock

A Doom I style level where you mostly use the berserk fist!...Date:04/16/01
Size:39.48 KB
Author:Karthik Abhirama Krishna

This is a pack of levels for Doom with new music and graphics....Date:11/27/97
Size:192.84 KB

Docking Crater Alpha
Huge. Structured. Kinda cool. My best yet?...Date:08/23/94
Size:118.35 KB
Author:Jin H. Kim "Time Traveler"

Crawl's Crappy WAD
You want a story? OK, here's your story: You wake up in a room with only your pistol. BAM. Now ride the elevator! In all seriousness, this was my first WAD and it's largely experimental, so there's a lot of scripted stuff and elevators. Best advi...Date:03/14/10
Size:23.4 KB

Crazy.wad is the second wad I've created,the first being Freddoom.wad. It's not that big it's difficult and fun. I'm getting better at it. I think you'll see an improvement over the last one, however, It's not as good as some on the market. Please se...Date:01/10/05
Size:23.66 KB
Author:Fred Lanier

The idea for the layout is borrowed from STARWAR1.WAD by Matt Falk. In no way is this wad connected to any of the tremendous wads in the starwars series by Matt Falk. If his next ones are as good as STARWAR1, then I will have to buy some more floppy ...Date:05/31/94
Size:109.16 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

The Crimson Keep
A gauntlet of death lies between you and your way home. Yet, when you arrive at the final door, you find your passage barred -- the key well guarded in a small stone castle. You fight your way through the guardians of the fortress and gain the key .....Date:03/25/95
Size:62.44 KB
Author:John Boyle

CRINGE! is a full replacement for the entire 2nd episode of id Software's DOOM. All modes of play and all difficulty levels are available in CRINGE!...Date:07/06/95
Size:769.24 KB
Author:Mark Klem, Eric Sargent

CROSSFIRE (#1 in a continuing series)
Cross Fire, a first-effort. That about says it all. (C.Y.A.)...Date:06/05/94
Size:61.48 KB
Author:Don Schuster

Cross.wad is a new Doom level to replace E3M5. It was designed mostly to be a single player level in the style of House of Pain, but it does support deathmatch and co-op play. It has two difficulty levels (3 kind of- on the easiest level there ...Date:05/18/94
Size:99.25 KB
Author:Terry Henning

large sized wad that keeps you looking over your shoulder, you have enough ammo - barely This wad it tough on UV but the other levels are easy.......Date:03/03/06
Size:54.54 KB
Author:Brad Hughes

Crosst.wad is a new Doom level to replace E3M5. It was designed mostly to be a single player level in the style of House of Pain, but it does support deathmatch and co-op play. It has three difficulty levels: skill level 2 and 1 are the same, ...Date:05/21/94
Size:99.52 KB
Author:Terry Henning

Cruel Hell
Fairly big level for the new Episode 4 of ULTIMATE DOOM....Date:07/22/96
Size:66.52 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

crusades.wad, Issue 1.
You need a registered version of Ultimate DooM to play this. 2.2 Mb when unzipped. This is a full, nine map DooM 1 episode incorporating the 5 previously released 'Spooky' maps plus 4 spanking brand new, neverseenbefore ones. If you've already play...Date:09/04/99
Size:763.8 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

This is my first level. It is a combination of all my great ideas I wanted to put into a level. Since this is my first level, it has the mandatory room with lots o' enemies. There is a large maze which can be solved using the "stay to the left" metho...Date:03/12/95
Size:81.12 KB
Author:Ethan Brodsky

The Spiders Crypt
After killing the Spider Demon in hell, you are returned back to earth. You take a Shuttle-Bus back to Mars to tell what you had seen. ...Date:03/09/95
Size:35.21 KB

CSRE1M1.WAD --> Oblivion Part 1 [That's just the title. In fact it's E2M1.]
You have just returned from Hell and find yourself somewhere worse. That's right in Oblivion, you must have iritated someone in Hell, so strap on your pistol and follow where other marines have failed. You find yourself in oblivions long hallway with...Date:01/10/05
Size:836.84 KB
Author:Clint Russell

Control Station KGx/57 for DOOM
Control Station KGx/57 is the sister installation of Attack Station KGx/57. This has been converted from Doom2...Date:08/17/95
Size:164.3 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

My second huge effort. This one has many stairways and lifts for a more 3-D feel. Also, alot of puzzles to figure out. Good for Deathmatch as you can get thru all areas in both directions. Hint- To git the Rocket Launcher you must do a "U"-Turn. Dedi...Date:08/25/95
Size:48.7 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

Capital University Information Technology
(Story) You've had an uneasy feeling ever since you stepped foot in the place... Hell, even before arriving at The Capital University and Training Grounds of His Holiness the Pope, you'd heard ; tales. Tales of the Holy Takeover ; that started 25 yea...Date:06/25/00
Size:292.07 KB
Author:David Koppenhofer

Forever Cursed
A classic doom map that takes place in hell. It has a vanilla-minimalist look and feel. Travel across the halls of an abandoned castle as you make your way to the dimension of the damned where flesh and blood spans to entire rooms and the screams of ...Date:10/26/22
Size:37.38 KB

Continuous Wave
Size:411.05 KB
Author:Raphael Cheney
This is my first attempt at a decent playing wad. This one is made for deathmatch only. It chunks a bit on my 486/33 but thats because I only have 4 megs of ram. Even though it's 12K it's not that small, just the perfect size ...Date:05/12/94
Size:12.5 KB

Pit Of The Cyber Demon 1.5 (ROH2.WAD)
After seven torturous levels in Episode 2, you think that you can finally lay down to rest. Boy, are you *wrong*!! You are standing on a ledge high in the air, looking down to a small bloody pit, with the Cyber Demon walking around, looking for you! ...Date:08/15/95
Size:71.09 KB
Author:Roger Matthews (AKA Mr. DOOM)

Size:35.8 KB
Author:Steven van Loef

CYBER-LAIRS [- Part 1]
Size:29.79 KB

CYBER-LAIRS [- Part 2]
Size:40.21 KB

You've just transported into the Cybo-Demon's base of operations. Now all you have to do is find him and take him out. Somewhere in the base is his station-control-room, from which he radios messages to other UAC bases and of course the inhabitants o...Date:03/09/95
Size:31.69 KB
Author:Brian S. Barrett

Cyber Death
This level has been designed with a similar theme to E2M8. It's a huge outdoor area with scores of large pillars scattered randomly about; there is a fairly large open area in the center of the level... There are quite a few lost souls flying around,...Date:08/24/94
Size:32.37 KB
Author:Scott A. Smith

This wad takes you through all aspects of DOOM. It contains most of the weapons, and almost all of the monsters. It is has a lot of different types of rooms, textures, and settings. For my first wad, I combined a lot of the ideas that I had. Please e...Date:05/20/94
Size:38.62 KB
Author:Joe Popp (aka cYcLoPs)

This is my second level of DOOM. It's designed to be played in Single player mode at any difficulty level. I hope for you that you know what's a joystick and how to use it, and I hope for you that you know how to walk without seeing your feets. The m...Date:09/29/95
Size:41.03 KB
Author:Cyril FORGET

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